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The End - January 31, 2012
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Is this the end of Spiked Math? Maybe.

Why is the title of this post "The End"? O Noes!

Why hasn't Mike updated in like FOREVER? That lazy guy!

Hi all,

The survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who filled it out, even though it was way too long! Some people questioned if this was the end of Spiked Math and I can assure that it is not (unless a llama eats my hands). But it is the end of some things around here (for example, my irregular update schedule).

I've gone through most of the survey responses and will give you a detailed analysis at a later time. I've learned a lot about my readers (for example, over 25% of my readership are in industry types of jobs [engineers, software developers, IT people, analysts, consultants, etc]). But more about that later!

One of the comments that kept coming up is the lack of updates. Ideally, I'd love to update Spiked Math every day, but that won't be possible. Instead, I'll plan for about 2-3 new comics per week, and some other fun stuff.

Starting February 5th, 2012, Spiked Math Comics will take on the following update schedule:

Sept 1 -- April 30 schedule:
  • Sat/Sun - no updates
  • Mon, Thur - new comics (yay)!
  • Tue - Neat math fact/theorem day (displayed in the usual Spiked Math style)
  • Fri - Puzzle day (e.g., riddle, logic puzzle, Sudoku or Towers type of game with a spikey spin) with solution given in the comment area on Sun or Mon (likely by the readers, but I'll post a comment to confirm it).
  • Wed - Misc. update - either a comic, interesting link, tricky problem, cool theorem, etc

May 1 -- August 31 "summer" schedule:

  • Updates every Wed
  • Sporadic updates on other days

Not every update will be humorous, but hopefully will be interesting and fun. To motivate me to actually follow the schedule, for every update I miss I'll donate $floor(3(e+pi+1)) to something math related (e.g., a math related Donors Choose project; or save up for a small scholarship/award for students; etc.)

Regarding a Spiked Math book or merchandise, so far nothing is planned for 2012 (unless I have no job in September, then I might consider it as I'll have more free time).

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Glad to hear it! Sounds like the new schedule should be fun!

Yeah, sounds great. Looking forward to it!

I googled "llamas don't eat" to find out what you should smear your hands with in order to prevent llamas from eating them, and it seems the safest bet would be a mixture of carrot, guinea pig and llama. If you're ever in Britain, add a layer of fireflies to be extra safe.

You're assuming that wasn't a typo for "lama". Perhaps the mixture neds to be enhanced to cover that possibility.

Thanks for the update!

Why not donate (e^pi)-pi dollars?

because we are rounding to 4 decimal places...

I really thank you this effort you're making. I really like Spiked Math.

Congratulations for the genius bits you post here!

Thank you. I'm looking forward to it. I may be an ancient 26, but I have the patience of someone at least half my age. lol

You mean at most half your age?

That is just one more example of the ambiguity of the English language. It was likely intended as "patience of someone at least as young as half my age" as compared to "patience of someone at least as old as half my age." What TMT said wasn't necessarily wrong, but was ambiguous.

Thank you. That's exactly what I meant. :)

Precision in math is important. However, since I was telling a joke, I expected my 'audience' to understand my meaning from the context. Humor is usually inversely proportional to explanation.

You know if I could, I would delete this comment. It came out wrong. I meant to offer an explanation on why I left out "as young as," but it may have sounded more like I was attacking your train of thought. Perhaps it would have read better as "at most half my age." /shrug So hard to get tone right through text. A lot of the reason I don't comment that much.

Hmm...Last time I checked this was a site about math.

In maths it's important to know the difference between x>a/2 and x<a/2

I just found your site via Google+ folks. It is wonderful and delightful. I will be happy regardless of the update frequency. Please don't decide to make it The End of SpikedMath. Every Wednesday is better than never. But I do wish you the best of luck in getting a job in the fall. It is awful being unemployed.

P.S. I like MathFail. Is that your site too?

Valentines Day is almost now, is everybody ready?

Oh golly gee, new schedule starts today! Let's see, what's Sunday...


Sorry, Mike. Love you and all, just kind of funny that you said it starts today.

Ya I meant start on Monday! Which is today... Gonna sleep for a few hours first :-)

Could you specify, which timezone are you using to determine if there is monday? Coz it's already mon in UTC and no new comic!

Say Monday by noon mid Canada time?

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! :)

Hello! It just seemed fitting to post here that I just passed the exam for admittance to a nice University in my country. Yay! congrats for me! Now let's learn some serious Math!

If I am not misinformed, it ought to be noon in all of canada by now. And still no comic!

Yup you're right! I was 1.33333 hours late :-}

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