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Spiked Math Reader Survey - January 19, 2012
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Hi all.

In order to get to know my readership better and help guide the direction of Spiked Math for 2012 (and beyond), I'm hoping you could take a few minutes to complete the survey linked below.

[[survey is now closed, thanks!]]

After a couple of weeks, I'll post the results of the survey on this page.

Many thanks!

p.s. Regarding the country list, I simply went into my statcounter stats and put in the countries that had the most visitors in the last 24 hours. Sorry if your country didn't make it, but I didn't want too include too many choices :-).

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Done with that! Now waiting for an all new comic :)
Don't make us wait too long, Mike!

So when can we get this dinner date?

A pleasure to do that. Keep up with the great work.:)

i think i can to do

yay now we can pretty much vote on what kind of comics we want to see more of~!

at least make a comic about surveys?

What happens if, under the "would you buy this stuff?", I select something (clearly, I chose the dinner date) in addition to the "I wouldn't buy anything"? Is there some way to prevent the end of the universe due to this lack of consistency?

In that case, I'd have to pay for the dinner!

Lots of valuable feedback so far! I'll give a detailed report later as to what to expect. So far I learned that there is a heck of a lot of software developers and software engineers that visit the site. In terms of content, "math puns" are ranking the highest, while "math poems" are definitely the lowest. Also interesting is that over a third of the people who took the survey indicated that they never visit the website (and just read the comic in the feed).

Excellent, then the series of maths poems I was planning to write won't have to compete with you. (They also won't have an audience, but hey, you can't have everything.)

^ these are the math lovers who are still in doubt whether to go for a phd in mathematics, or keep doing something you don't love.

i know i'm one

Go for the mathematics Ph.D. Don't waste your life on something you don't love.

(well, according to one of the comics on here, you'll hate mathematics at some point during the Ph.D, but only temporarily.)

hey Mike, what about the dinner date? I wanna buy it! hahahaha

Are you not aware that the results of your survey will undoubtedly suffer from voluntary response bias????? For example, I enjoy all of your comics, and therefore do not care very much about the distribution of your future comics among various mathematical topics. Subsequently, I do not feel the need to take your survey, and in not taking it I will skew the results. Because of this, when you create new comics based on the results of your survey, I will...undoubtedly enjoy them...wait a minute...damn.

Das richtige Girokonto zu begegnen sollte es absolut alles weitere als so geschenkt. Es gibt einfach zu viele mehrere Hotelangebote von zahlreichen Banken. Und die Konten heissen dito noch fortlaufend unterschiedlich - vergleichen ist es bleischwer.

Lerv, lerv, lerv the cool maths. Mathspig

Survey taken, but honestly...just keep doing what your doing the way you want to do it.

amen! :D took the survey, can understand why you wanna know stuff, but you're gold on yr own :)

I took the survey like a week ago. when do we get new comics?

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