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MPF - Morpion Solitaire - March 16, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - MPF - Morpion Solitaire

You can try the game out in Java by visiting the following links (using the 5T setting, if applicable):
Try the game out on your own and see if you can last for more than 178 moves or even 200 moves! Otherwise, here are some references and hints:

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first time, Score: 60

second try, Score: 78

68 for me.

61 lines


I played this a lot when I was younger. IIRC I got to about 190 or something like that (this is not a claim on a record, need to check). But may be I had a relaxed set of rules? The way the rules were explained to me, it was not necessary for the newly added line to pass through the newly marked point. The effect of this is that you can more or less keep a stockpile of "free new marks", and later decide to use them, when and where you see fit (you CAN afterwards reverse engineer this bit). What's the rule here?

I have also played with rules with 'free new marks' (i.e. if I can create line without new dot I can later use these dots anywhere even they do not create line).

Jyrki and AR, the record with your rules is 216 moves. By Marc Bertin, in 1974.

68. Played for the first time in my life.

My father was one of the first four people with 152 moves in 1974. I'm quite proud actually ^^

So I think I should not try to beat him.

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