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Russian Tank vs Hitler's Army

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41 People Set This As Favorite
8,027 Plays
Date added: 1st August 2013

71 People Rated This As 5 Star
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Hitler's Army is after your tank. Can you survive the attacks and kill them before they get too close? Upgrade your vehicle when you can.


Drive your tank with the arrow keys and use your mouse to fire.
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  • avatar
    bloodybaron (2419) 1 year ago
    join Bloodless Barons for victory and glory

  • avatar
    Yourboyserge (3056) 1 year ago
    I learned tanks can do backflips and frontflips in this game.

  • avatar
    lightiningrod497 (397) 4 years ago
    It can get a little laggy at times
    It can get a little laggy at times but, overall I like it!

  • avatar
    Pixel Weezy (145) 4 years ago
    3 Stars

  • avatar
    Merasmus (11804) 4 years ago
    Ok this game is good... 4 stars. Hitler's army apparently needs to get right next to you to fire any of their guns...
    Scnell!!!! Hand meh mah Mauser!! Meh Nazi's can't hit zee Tank!!

  • avatar
    Merasmus (11804) 4 years ago
    Achtenshun! Et's Time for zee Hitler to ride in zee Panzer! Zee tank ozer zer es BAD!!

  • avatar
    anthony01 (1098) 5 years ago

  • avatar
    xander1 (546) 5 years ago
    its boring i dont see how people cn play this

  • avatar
    dajaman242 (536) 5 years ago

  • avatar
    DareVipez (9010) 5 years ago
    AWSOME GAME!!!!!!

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