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Science Games
Science games are not only a great educational tool, they are also insanely fun to play. If you love science, you are going to love playing science games even more. On Spiked Math you will find popular titles such as Periodic Table and Guess the Element.
Send this spaceship on an orbit that will help it …
2185 plays  Rating: 4.3  

Infinite Loop
Do you want to learn programming the fun way? In t…
4914 plays  Rating: 3.6  

The Brain Game 2
Take on these challenging mind exercises and see h…
1821 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Slice Geom
Slice Geom is a geometry game where you have to us…
1286 plays  Rating: 4.2  

Atomzier: Meltdown
Click on atoms of the same type to make them react…
3579 plays  Rating: 3.5  

Periodic Table
Learn the periodic table in this shooting gallery …
3734 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Viviparous Dumpling
In this game you must move your fetus using the mo…
3657 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Outer Space Matching…
Match words and images in this science related mem…
1979 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Mendel Genetics Quiz
Test your knowledge and take the Mendel multiple c…
2460 plays  Rating: 3.5  

Guess The Element
Try to guess as many elements on the periodic tabl…
3965 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Our Solar System
Take an interactive journey through our solar syst…
3217 plays  Rating: 4.1  

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