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Science Games
Science games are not only a great educational tool, they are also insanely fun to play. If you love science, you are going to love playing science games even more. On Spiked Math you will find popular titles such as Periodic Table and Guess the Element.
Create life on other planets by moving the life fo…
905 plays  Rating: 3.5  

Slice Geom
Slice Geom is a geometry game where you have to us…
1317 plays  Rating: 4.2  

Space Station Jason
Space Station Jason was sucked into a black hole a…
827 plays  Rating: 3.7  

The Alchemist
Form molecules by swapping these atoms around and …
842 plays  Rating: 4.2  

The Brain Game 2
Take on these challenging mind exercises and see h…
1846 plays  Rating: 4.0  

The irRegularGame of…
This game is based on Conway's "game of life&…
2582 plays  Rating: 4.1  

The Orbit Game
As a scientist, you need to find a way to get on t…
8590 plays  Rating: 3.6  

Viviparous Dumpling
In this game you must move your fetus using the mo…
3729 plays  Rating: 4.0  

War of Cells
You are an alien cell ready to evolve and take ove…
8989 plays  Rating: 4.3  

Do you like mini golf? If you do, you will love th…
10646 plays  Rating: 4.5  

In XY Hunter, you need to look at the coordinates …
962 plays  Rating: 3.3  

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