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Evolvo Plus

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Date added: 13th February 2013

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Eat or get eaten in this evolution game! Try to consume fish that are smaller than you are and avoid the bigger ones. After you grow larger you will have extra abilities.


Use the directional keys to swim and press the space bar to use your powers.
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  • avatar
    ReaperDevan (189) 3 months ago
    thank for the cheat codes

  • avatar
    gabriel360jku (248) 7 months ago
    If you want cheat codes here you go
    ULTRAVOLVO: Makes you reach the last stage of evolution instantly.
    INVINCIVOLVO:Makes you invincible.
    ENDINGVOLVO:Next fish you eat makes you skip to the ending.
    ETERNIVOLVO:Game doesn't end when you reach max size.
    CHANGEOLVO:Select custom settings for your game.
    FISHOLVO:Restart the game as any fish!
    SAFEOLVO:Removes all hazards ( nets, crab cages and barrels)
    SANTAVOLVO:Vastly increases the powerup drop rate and gives you A SWEET HAT.

  • avatar
    mechanical nerd 234 (5600) 7 months ago
    found waldo no really you can find him

  • avatar
    ImplantedTag975 (12820) 1 year ago
    Beat it on Extreme

  • avatar
    fletch05 (8083) 1 year ago
    die big boss

  • avatar
    fletch05 (8083) 1 year ago

  • avatar
    XxNinTenDawgxX (0) 1 year ago
    omg super fun!!!

  • avatar
    YoloYellow (271) 1 year ago

  • avatar
    EYELESSJACKDJ (12849) 1 year ago

  • avatar
    Gabe69 (783) 2 years ago

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