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Snail Bob 3

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10 People Set This As Favorite
2,749 Plays
Date added: 4th December 2014

27 People Rated This As 5 Star
5 People Rated This As 4 Star
2 People Rated This As 3 Star
1 People Rated This As 2 Star
0 People Rated This As 1 Star


Snail Bob is back in another fun game. Once again, you will have to help him go through each level and you'll have to collect stars along the way.


Use your mouse to help snail bob survive!
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    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    Played all the way through. Overall, a Good Game: A more "Relaxed" Puzzle Game, from my perspective - nothing too difficult, and I don't think that it was intended to be. Now, I gave it 4 Stars. Problem: I also gave 4 Stars to "Light The Lamps", but I think that the latter game is a fundamentally better Puzzle Game, from my own perspective on what I put into my Ratings. Ergo, Consider "Light The Lamps" to be a "4.5" and this a "4" - or, perhaps, the former a "4", and this a "3.5". Actually, despite how critical anything below a "4" might seem, nobody quite knows what I am judging these games on [and my own Ratings, as of right now, are a "work-in-progress", respecting what factors go into the Rating]. First of all, the Game must give the Mind A Workout - I feel that it must coax the Brain into evolution by facilitating new perspectives, connections, spatial reasoning, etc. - that, for lack of a better phrase, it is able to "make one smarter", if one actually "works it" - as opposed to giving up too often to view solutions. Now, if I feel that solution-viewing is becoming an "itch" - that I am tiring of a Game after however many levels, this Factor decreases the Rating. For me, this means that the Game is, perhaps, putting Quantity over Quality - that it has presented the player with too many Levels - by which "Too Many" can be 100 Levels or 10 Levels - it's not about the number. It's about the Game's difficulty progression, accompanied by sensible, even modifications to higher Levels that give the Brain an additional "Exercise" in the Entire "Workout" of the Game. [For example, an increase in the amount of "lamps to light", a bigger Grid with more Numbers to move, etc.] "Snail Bob 3" DOES introduce new elements into the Game as one goes along, and the inclusions have been well chosen. As the Game was not very Challenging from where I stand, these inclusions kept me hooked to the Game, wanting to 3-Star All Levels and see what would would come next. The Game didn't "stagnate" into the "same-same" [whether difficulty, entities, etc.] - and this "rolling rock factor" definitely made a difference for me - because, like I said, I would've stopped playing if it weren't for these sensible & straightforward additions [albeit the latter did NOT make for a more difficult Game]. The Game actually doesn't increase much in Difficulty throughout its 20-Something Levels - and this Factor makes for a more or less "Relaxed Experience" - which decreases MY RATING [but, for some people, this type of "Relaxed Puzzle Game" is what they desire - and what they consider great - so perhaps a relatively lower Rating from me might indicate to such people that I've come across such a Mildly Challenging, somewhat Casual Game that won't do much for Brain-Building. Power to you. But a fundamental Factor in my Ratings, again, is the Game's Ability to Enhance the Brain - to offer it new perspectives, faster arithmetic ability, spatial reasoning, whatever. Not the ONLY Factor, but a CORE Factor. [Finally: I wouldn't be trying to explain some of these Factors in this Comments Section if I had the ability [unless I just don't know about it] to write such things in my Profile - or on my own Page on the Site. Have to take a look at these Memberships - but I'm still a little perplexed with respect to the lack of community. Comments from over Years Ago [in this case, 1 year] is just a LONG TIME. On the other site, there's comments Daily on Games - but then again, the other site I go on has a Developer's Section, and they have a hired Staff doing multiple jobs as they promote and also help those that desire to develop Games - [or something like this]. Basically: Not the Same Site - it has more Features to it, and a Purpose relevant to Game Developers. But I digress. My Final Rating on this Game: "3.5", whilst "Light The Lamps" gets a "4". This "Final Rating", however is not really "Finalized": I don't like that I can't modify my Star Ratings, because as I play more & more Puzzle Games - on here or on my Gaming Consoles, etc. - the actual Factors will become more Clear, and Ratings will be more consistent, and words concise and to the point. END FOR NOW.]

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    I LOVE DAISY (437) 1 year ago

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    selfiepro (921) 1 year ago
    love snail bob games hopethey keep makeing new ones

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    rokinjosh (1789) 3 years ago
    good game

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    fullmetal alchamist (3886) 3 years ago
    first to comment

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