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Prizma Puzzle

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Date added: 3rd November 2014

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Connect the main source of energy to the nexus on the other side of this grid to complete the circuit. This is a puzzle game, so find the best route to take to score as many points as possible.


Use your mouse to play the game.
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    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    [4]: Now, A Digression: Too many players give 4 or 5 Ratings to every Game - and don't proffer any meaningful comments - or ones that might tell the Creator something useful and/or constructive if he or she is considering future projects. Not that the latter is a must, never. But saying a Game is "Great" or a Game is "Not Great" says ... NOTHING. I don't trust the Star Ratings on Games, generally - even ones Rated on my Gaming Console. Sorry, every Game just isn't between 4 and 5 Stars. I gave this game a 2 [and as you can see above, "1 ... Rated This as 2 Star" - and, yes, that's me - again, I'm pretty open and transparent - some people just won't Rate the Game the way they feel, as if doing so was a bad thing. Doing this, however, is a Not A Service to the Creator. Seriously. This is why customary Kindness is made synonymous with it's antonym ... I wouldn't write up a Bad Comment/Review of a Game without Reason - or just to be mean. If I created a Game and everyone Gave it 5 Stars just because it was Custom to be "Kind" in this way, I wouldn't LEARN AT ALL. In fact, I might just think I created a really Great Game - and then go on to make another in the same fashion, because people are responding favorably in Stars to it. This is NOT COOL. It's also Not Cool to just denigrate a person's creation without any given reason - or a reason that does nothing to clue the Creator on what could've been done better. Now, I am not going to be Constructive here because it's not my job - but I have, at times, left very long, Constructive Feedback when I felt that the person behind the Game was Excited & Tinkering & Constantly Working On the Game or others ... I'm not going to leave any extensive review or constructive feedback right now because I've already typed A LOT [not just here, but on 2 other Games - and what's more, the VERY LONG Comment in the "Contest" Forum designed for the Site Developers/Workers to read] ... Not just that. It as much ado with the lack of Features that I spoke of in the Latter Comment. And considering I keep seeing Comments from years ago - and there hardly seems to be anyone around, it makes me wonder who is reading this - if even the Creator bothers to check this - if only because he or she knows that Comments are never left on the Games on this Site, or that there's an average of 1 a Year. Well, some Games - from what Factors go into my Ratings - are not going to be up my alley - or anyone else that is of like mind, and wants to improve cognition & feel challenged & motivated to work it all out, without feeling it's just a chore - or something that winds up dying off due to stagnation. This Game would need to worked over and made anew - with a Basic, Core Challenge - with easily distinguishable and different entities, and much better Level Design. I don't even think it could stay the "Same Game" in the process of improving it.
    End Note: I absolutely did NOT break this up so I could boost my number of Comments because of a Challenge. The Points awarded on this go towards purchases that, to be honest, don't really interest me for the most part [as far as I can remember]. I have spent Hours [yes Hours] trying to get this Comment sent. A little pop-up Text telling me I'm using words that are not allowed was not helpful - and I had & still have no idea what word[s] I used that were so ... "unallowable". If this starts occurring too often, it will be yet another reason [in addition to the lack of any real Profile Page with Notifications, Comment abilities, etc.] why I will eventually stop trying to write any meaningful Reviews or offer some Feedback to Creators when I feel that it could be of help. Sometimes, it's just the Little Things like this that have a huge impact on a person's behavior. When there is no given list of such words I cannot use, and I really desire to add my comment because I feel that I am actually providing [or trying to provide] some potentially helpful points of the Game I just played [and often times, all the way through - sometimes taking hours to get through a Game] - Essentially: I'm serious about Puzzle Games, however odd that sounds. Having played so many games of differing Genres all my life, Puzzle Games - it appears - are the ones that hold up, because of that desired characteristic of being able to improve cognitive abilities [and, yes, other Genres can improve some such Abilities too - but .. in the end - most other games just Bore me now - they do nothing much for me, and the only other type of Game I will play on & off is perhaps some easy, open-world sandbox game just to relax and not think - or something similar.] Not just playing, but my desire to actually create a Puzzle Game or more - and I've already started to work on some simple ideas. This is just my Type of Game - the Genre I eventually set myself into before reaching the age of 40. END FOR NOW.

  • avatar
    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    [3]: Thus Far: Main Menu is devoid of a Tutorial; the Basic gameplay is not Intuitive; New elements added in later levels don't make the Game any more Challenging or Fun; and despite an End-Level Screen showing your Score, a Timer, and whatever else for every given Level .. Again: I thought for awhile that I would get a Higher Score for crossing every part of the given path. Not the Case, and dragging the mouse is a problem when the Path stops - because, well, Clearing the Board as fast as possible matters. So: Many a Time, if the controls were just sufficient, or I could just point a wand at the screen and move up here, left 4 times, 2 times down, etc. - I could clear the path in 2 Seconds. Not the Case when certain Controls hinder Time [but that could just be my Mouse so I did NOT Factor in this frustration]. From this, we arrive at a Positive Feature: Replayability is present, as different Medals can be earned depending one one's "performance", as well as a Higher Score. And the scores can, yes, be submitted to a Leaderboard. This is Good ...

  • avatar
    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    [2]:Most of the "Levels" in this Game don't require much thought - and even if a couple of them do, I didn't even want to figure it out. I just made a wrong path, maybe another, then, well, going Left the last time worked out fine.
    The elements in the Game, respecting stored Energy, and whatever - not anything special. This Game doesn't leave you in a Grid with One Cleverly Contrived Path to follow - that requires [and motivates the player] to think of the best route possible. And holding the Mouse Key and dragging it through what path I wanted proved to be a problem, at times - when the path didn't form fully. And the problem with that: Time Taken to Complete the level matters [as well as the shortest Route, I think - although it is never explained - and I thought, at one point, that perhaps a Higher Score would come from trying to actually move across every part on the Path - which could easily be thought of as one of the Factors in Improved Scores and Better Medals. But that's not the case. It is muddled. It is not intuitive. And the Visuals. The actual pathway contains entities that are hard to distinguish from one another - and again, here we have a Factor that makes the Game ... well, again, not difficult in any True Sense - but let's just use the word "Frustrating" instead of trying to discern True and False Difficulty. Simplify ...

  • avatar
    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    [1]: Respecting Cognitive improvement, I have to say that this game is not worth the time. Despite the small Description that is just above this section, the actual in-game Menu has no Introduction or Tutorial. And I didn't find the setup immediately intuitive - and the visuals are distracting elements that work to make the Game more difficult - but not in any True Sense. When a Game is difficult because of too many details, poor controls, etc. this is never a good things. This leads me to say this: One should never think that the Game is always Right - meaning: Sometimes, Puzzles that seem well-designed and difficult are really just too obscure, and there's nothing smart about the latter [but more on that later] ...

  • avatar
    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    [NOTE: My entire Comment will not be sent because certain "words are not allowed". No idea what these words are. And I am tired of changing suspected words. I'm sending this Comment in very small bits.

  • avatar
    lilbisag (1643) 3 years ago

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