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Pipe It 2D

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Date added: 27th August 2014

4 People Rated This As 5 Star
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These pipes are all scrambled and you need to fix them. Can you rotate them and make the right connections on each level in as few moves as possible?


Click to rotate the pipes.
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    DoctorThrift (963) 4 months ago
    Note: I just looked back on my review of "Light The Lamps", and I stated that I wouldn't have given it a "4.5" if given the option, leaving it at 4-Stars because of its total lack of Replay-ability. And I recall that this lack of any extra Modes, or even a Leaderboard [especially in great Puzzle Games] was a source of disappointment, because although one can obviously play the game over and over to routinely work on some mental ability, the incentive to beat one's previous score, or even have a well-designed Score that can act as a measurement of one's Cognitive enhancement, is better than simply relying on oneself to keep at it - especially when can not, via a Score, measure any improvements - even if it comes down to how fast the Brain has become in making the necessary connections, or whatever the Goal is. "Pipe It 2D" keeps a Score. I'm not sure HOW the game is Scored, and this lack of knowledge is bothersome - as without knowing the Basis, I don't know what's being measured. There's also the Submit one's final score to a Leaderboard, although I was not able this Leaderboard - and my submission automatically linked me to another site, probably the one where this game originated. Oh well. Nonetheless, this and "Light The Lamps:" are still my Top 2 so far - and I wholeheartedly recommend both of them to any Puzzle Players desiring of challenging Games that are of appropriate length and progress evenly in terms of difficulty. That's all for now.

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    DoctorThrift (963) 4 months ago
    Thus far, I've played 16 Puzzle Games on this Site, and this is the first one I have given a 5-Star Rating [although to be fair, a Truer Rating would be a "4.5" - and although I Rated "Light The Lamps" 4-Stars, reflection on the limitations of only being able to give 5 Stars, I stated that "4.5" was more accurate. Ergo, the aforementioned game, and this one, are currently my 2 Top Favorite Puzzle Games on this Site. This game proves that there is no "absolute" when it comes to a number of Levels - meaning: Such and such number is always too short, and this is always too many. It is all relative. When I first saw that this game had only 10 Levels, I presumed that it would be a short ride. Was I ever wrong. And to be honest, 10 Levels was not too short, or too little - it was actually just the right amount given what the Game offered in terms challenge, and how that challenge progressed as one proceeded to pass each Level [assuming that one sticks with it all the way through, which - I warn you - can be a true trial on one's level of patience]. Like "Light The Lamps", this game is Simple to Learn, and the object is pretty much clear - without even having to explain what the player's goal is. And, like "Light The Lamps", the word "Level" is true to its definition, inasmuch as a higher number means a harder Board [as opposed to Games that just use the word "Level" to describe the succeeding boards, even if the level of difficulty hasn't changed, or isn't even a factor at all]. The progression in terms in difficulty is also very balanced like the aforementioned game, with the amount of pipes to connect increasing at balanced rate [just as the amount of Electrical Nodes to connect in "Light the Lamps" - in addition to adding moving Nodes - increased in a balanced way]. There is no sudden, sharp peak, where the game becomes absurd in its challenge - and neither does it stagnate in the "same" - where the amount of pipe connections remains the same, but in different positions, etc. This game took me a LONG TIME to beat - and quite often, one can end up looking at just a couple of connections to make, making it seem like your near completion - but this can be deceiving, as I've had to actually go around an entire, higher Level Board and change pipe positions that I thought I was already done with 30 minutes. This is how well the game is designed - and this game, like "Light The Lamps" - is an awesome exercise for the Brain, whereby routine playing will definitely improve one's cognitive abilities - likely in 1 or 2 Areas - as most games work mostly on a particular ability primarily, as opposed to being a workout on all abilities - which would be a really hard game to construct, without making it complex - or really being more than one game in one package, but disguised as one game altogether. But I digress. I recommend this Game as a Great Puzzle Game - and as a Great workout for the Mind. Be wary of over-exertion, however - there's no need to overdue it, in terms of utilizing Brain Power. END. :-)

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    NalaJean (885) 2 years ago
    Mert! I can't do it!!

  • avatar
    NalaJean (885) 3 years ago
    This game is interesting

  • avatar
    Xxr3dxX (1343) 3 years ago
    My head hurts.. but.. I like it

  • avatar
    Shila (3554) 3 years ago

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