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Light the Lamps

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Date added: 18th November 2014

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In this game, you will have to connect these elements and create a complete circuit. You just have to make sure you don't connect two elements of the same type.


Use your mouse to light the lamps!
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    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    Just Finished This Game. Awesome. But I still would maintain a "4-Star Rating" - even if given the option to up it to "4.5". Very Challenging. Addictive. But ... And here's another Factor: Replay-ability [and/or Incentive to Complete]. Completed All 30 Levels with 3 "Bulbs" [like 3 Stars]. And? ... Well ... Nothing. No Score. No "Badge" and/or "Points". No Leaderboard. No other Modes. That definitely lowers my Rating. Seriously. This is an issue I come across time & time again. A Leaderboard can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE with respect to Replay-ability - the idea of climbing to Number One is always an incentive to do it all over again - and this is ESPECIALLY SO with Puzzle Games of this type. This isn't an RPG with a story that can end in multiple ways - or a Cinematic/Artistic Experience to be done over just for kicks. This is about Skill and Brain Enhancement and Improvement. Now, according to this Game - via the Level Screen - I cannot "Improve". Can't do better than "90/90" Bulbs. The problem: I CAN - but there's no measurement feature implemented. For instance, something as simple as "Time Taken". One's Entire End Score Could be Based upon this Alone. Ergo, "Improvement" would be measured by a Score that was based on Time - so one could say their ability to Make Connections/Perform Set Tasks/etc. is getting Faster - that the Brain doesn't have to be stretched so much this time - that "adding numbers, finding solutions, etc." is becoming more and more "intuitive" - such that Solutions seem to arise without much effort. And that's getting smarter. And it's not just exclusive to 1 Cognitive Ability, often. There are Games I play now - never played before - that if given to in the past, would've had me frustrated and/or thinking long and hard and feeling that it was all too challenging. Pattern Recognition. Patterns are swept up without one knowing. And with all that said - "Replay-ability" is certainly an important Factor in my Overall Rating of a Puzzle Game, particularly if the Game REALLY DOES lend to Cognitive Improvements. There are Games, that whilst playing for hours, I've realized improvement on a very conscious level. I remember playing a Game, where 1 Level took me over 30 Minutes to Complete [which was like a "Grid Game" - or, like this Game, "Light The Lamps", a Game in which the general Board is always the the Same layout - not a "Puzzle/Platformer" - or a Puzzle Game that has you moving a character through different sceneries, like "Myst" - or some 2D-Side-Scrollers like "Closure", "Braid", "Machinarium", etc. - some of which, like the latter, only involving pointing and clicking - but again, different layout/design] - well .. a Grid Game where struggling for so long with so relatively little, it seemed, before me to shuffle around ... and at some point, in later levels, I managed to complete 4 Levels in probably less than 10 minutes ... and the Grids weren't smaller, or easier. The Game required one to do Arithmetic as a means to an end, and whilst slow in the beginning [I wasn't dealing with a Grid with just 1 Digit numbers - there were numbers 1-99 in a Grid that must've been over 12 by 12 ... Eventually, one winds up not just adding and subtracting, but utilizing mulplication and division, and even almost instictively at some point - particularly multiplying, as Number Patterns meld into the Brain. Well, End Here. Game Needs A Leaderboard. A SpeedRun Mode. Maybe an "Endless Mode", whereby the Levels continue on & on until one Fails. Something. This Game Deserves it. END.

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    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    My Apologies: The Game doesn't add 1 Lamp each Level ... As I said, I'm a bit Sleepy. Essentially: The additions, including movable Lamps on Rotating Gears, Escalators, and the eventual inclusion of Walls, etc. - it's all done so well, in terms of keeping up the Challenge - rather than, say, maintaining some type "same-same" difficulty for 10 Levels - whereby one can be stuck on on a lower level for 30 minutes, then breeze through the next 2 boards - that, or the game doesn't suddenly peak in difficulty, or make any sharp shifts regarding the latter. [End For Now.]

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    DoctorThrift (963) 3 months ago
    ??? Wow: The last Comment was over TWO YEARS ago??? Jeez: Well ... "cool" isn't quite the constructive criticism that this Game Maker was itching for, was it now? [Joking - lots of laughs]. I'm a bit too tired to write up a concise "quasi-review". I will say that I haven't encountered a Game quite like this - and it isn't [to my knowledge] to be found on the other Games Site I go on. I'm very pleased that I chose this as my First Puzzle Game on this Site. It's quite a treat - and the difficulty progresses at a a very nice Pace, with 1 Added Lamp to Connect every Level Up in addition to moving Lamps. Because of the latter 2 features, the Game keeps one going at it - and thus far [I am on Level 22] I am impressed by its ability to actual keep true to the word "Level" - meaning: It's not just a word being used with the next highest number to designate the next board, regardless of any in-game modifications. The next Level is always a little bit harder - a nice step up : The Game progresses like an Even Stairway, which is not an Easy thing to accomplish ... Ugh: I was going to wait before I typed anything, because my eyes are a bit strained, and I'm a little sleepy. But I wanted to at least "say something", because I really am enjoying this game. [The visuals & accompanying music are also a plus - and, unlike some other games, they are not there to compensate for a lack of quality in the Game. The Game is straightforward & easy to learn. There isn't a a host of distracting elements on the board - and everything is visually understandable. I cannot proffer any "Constructive Criticism" here - nor can I keep going on, lest I digress into a pointless rambling. Awesome Game. And I actually wish, at the moment, that I could alter my Rating of the Game - but it appears once a selection has been made, it cannot be undone. Or ... maybe not. I'm not a huge fan of the 5-Star Rating System. I'd prefer 10 Stars - or, at least, the ability to give Ratings in 0.5 increments, such that I could Rate a Game, for example, a "4.5" - which makes a LOT of difference in the end. 5 Stars should be reserved for but a few games - but 4 Stars often seems not enough to make a point, especially when I've so easily given 4 Stars to various Games that aren't "Really" all 4-Star Quality [in my own "in-progress-method" of Rating Puzzle Games]. Again: Awesome Game. Is there Sequel? [ALSO: I don't understand a few things about this site - particularly my seeming inability to write a brief "Bio", or Add a Pic, or even A Friend to my List. Do I need to purchase an upgraded membership to utilize such features? I need to read up on some of the News on here - saw something about a Contest involving getting others to join this site. Wonder how long this site has been up. All I know is: The Other site is absolutely Free - utilizing advertising, etc. to monetarily support it's staff and developers and site. [One can "Pay", I believe, to play "Ad-Free"]. That's all for now. I need to read up on some of the material on this Site. Finally, a Reiteration: I am definitely happy with my First Choice in what Puzzle Game to play on this site. A new experience. A decent Brain Workout. [End For Now.]

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    beast gamer25 (5502) 3 years ago

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    DareVipez (9010) 3 years ago

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