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Date added: 29th April 2013

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Do you like solving problems? Try to create a path for these beams and get them to the correct location.


Use your mouse to place barriers in the right spots.
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    DoctorThrift (963) 5 months ago
    Wow. The Comment beneath me was made only just 1 Month Ago. That's a monumental difference from what I've seen in other games I've played, with the Most Recent Comments being, at least, over 1 year ago. I digress. Not going to write a whole lot here [and I will likely come back to this Comments Section and make additions to what I scribble out now]. This Game is definitely a Winner in my book - but it is not a 5-Star Game - nor a "4.5" - but I gave it a solid "4" - right on par with "Light The Lamps". Both of these Games, whilst well designed [e.g. Visually clear; Simple controls & layout; Game's object is Intuitively registered; etc.] - lack what they really need and deserve, as they are both great Brain Workouts: "Replay-ability" inclusions. A Score? A SpeedRun Mode? A Leaderboard? A Gallery of Awards Given For Completing A Set Of Levels, Challenges, etc.] - there is, again here, Nothing to keep you coming back for more. Now, of course, if one feels that playing through this Game [and, for example, "Light The Lamps"] every so often, for a Good Workout, without any of the Features that are lacking - then that is Great. But just the inclusion of a Score would be a HUGE Factor, because a Score - conditioned upon what determines the latter in the course in the Game, can & do act as "Measurements" - yes, the Score, if done really right, can demonstrate to one Replaying the Game that improvements in skill are at work. The Basis of a Score is important too: The Question is: WHAT are we measuring? Both this Game and the other I mentioned could feature different sets of scores that, again, should be viewed as "Measurements in Cognitive Improvement" - at the very best. There SHOULD be multiple Scores. For example: One Score is Time-Based, period. This would Measure the Brain's Ability to Look Over what some time ago might've seemed a Heavy Task and be able to, for example, Arrange Mirrors, Stop Lamps, Connect Here then There then There at a much Faster Pace. Thinking it out, for long periods, is not much of thing anymore. Pattern Recognition and other Heightened Abilities allow the Brain to "Envision", for instance, how to Arrange The Mirrors in this Game - up to such-and-such number of Mirrors - the player's Brain [fundamentally, a Tool that needs to be Strengthened and Sharpened, and can be by not only Reading/Studying, but by these Puzzle Games, which - unlike Studying - is an actual Activity that facilitates more Time in Workout because of the Enjoyment & Rewards, etc - whereas just Reading - for some people - could easily just be put down - or the Mind could start thinking about what it's Reading, then perhaps go off-tangent ... who knows? - Great Puzzle Games do not require so much as, say, a Decent Logic Book would. The complexities and mental tiredness that could result from trying to understand systems of thought and different symbol meanings, etc. - These Games don't give any of that. Learning to play and what to do is often quite Simple & Intuitive in Great Puzzle Games. The Brain doesn't bend & shift & make new pathways by playing around in a Screen Filled with far too many entities & conditions & controls to take in - it's getting it's Muscle from working out Solutions to Challenges that utilize simple numbers or colored balls or made-up figures - the point is: One doesn't need to understand Quantum Mechanics to become "Smarter" - Studying Challenging systems of Thought [e.g. Philosophies] & really, at the Core, Raw Base of Logic and Reasoning, Mathematics - which can become quite complex, with formulas [like Shortcuts] having been discovered the simpler logic and workings of Basic Math are understood. Again: People can make the Simple Complex, quite effortlessly. But Puzzle Games are often quite Easy to Learn. Great Puzzle Games, on the one hand, are Simple. On the other Hand, they are Challenging, and can be very Difficult - particularly if the task at hand is something the Brain isn't all too familiar with - or, rather, not a setup or perspective that it is accustomed to. Easy & Hard. Both Aspects Make for a Great Puzzle Game. And this Game does it. And so does "Light The Lamps". Well ... whilst I do like the latter 2 Games, I must say they aren't the Most Challenging Puzzle Games I've played. I didn't finish this Game, but after going through the Easy Levels, I jumped to the First "Absurd" Level [which, in terms of difficulty, is seemingly the hardest - I skipped over "Moderate" and "Difficult" just because ... well ... I had a hunch that "Absurd" was a bit of a Stretch - that this game wasn't going to offer something whereby the level of difficulty is astounding lunacy. Solved the first Absurd Puzzle relatively quickly - it was a bigger board, I believe - a 12 by 12 Grid, but I just didn't see how this was much harder than even the "Easy" Levels. Which leads me to this: I would Rate "Light The Lamps" higher than this Game - as the Difficulty increases level by level with new, sensible modifications and additions - and I found it to be much harder to complete, and it took me quite a while to do it all. This Game wouldn't take me that long. But I don't want to say anymore. I do recommend this Game. [I have to factor in here my own experiences - and the usage of mirrors propped in the SAME positions, and knowing exactly how the light will travel through them, in another Game that included a few - well - that experienced likely helped out enough to make this Game Easier for me. But I don't want ot go there, right now]. Well, again: I give this a "4" - and "Light the Lamps", perhaps, a "4.3" - I don't know. It's not Crucial for me to hurry up and systematize a consistent method of Reviewing. END FOR NOW.

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    EYELESSJACKDJ (12849) 7 months ago

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