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Section for Parents

Welcome to the Spiked Math Games (SMG) website!

Our goal is to provide educational, challenging, and brain teasing games for children and adults of all ages! Because of this, we make sure that every game added to our website goes through a screening process where we block violent material.
SMG is a clean, child-friendly environment, but you still have the option of reporting any content you find inappropriate, such as games, comments or even users. Our team checks these reports daily and any inappropriate comments are deleted, while inappropriate users are blocked from our website.

Since our website comes with a text chat feature, we recommend you take some time to discuss the dangers of talking to strangers with your children. To create a free account on
SMG, you must be at least 13 years of age. Any user under the age of 13 requires the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. This is for both your childrens safety as well as our own in order to stay within compliance of the requirements of COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act).

Users with SMG accounts have the option of interacting with each other through private messages and chat rooms. If a user is bothering you or your child, you can block them by using the block feature located on the chat bar. Any inappropriate messages can be reported easily and we will surely take action against unruly behavior. Please see our Section for Safe Surfing for more details on acceptable and unacceptable use of our chat features.

Our website doesn't require any personal information, such as credit card number, address, or phone numbers, and is 100% free to use however we do offer a optional membership system where members can upgrade there account or purchase packages for there account which is secured by PayPal services. Our games can be played directly from the browser of any computer and some tablets, without prior installation of a third party software, with the exception of the Adobe Flash Player, which is normally required to play videos or animation and is already installed on most systems.

A small number of games can save your progress, which requires an insignificant amount of space on your computer. In this case, a pop-up will appear whenever you are trying to access that game, asking for access to your hard drive. If you are not comfortable doing this, you have the option of denying the access, but accepting the request is 100% safe.

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