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Hey guys... whats new in 3.2

Oracle V2
- Improved speed and bug fixes.
- Improved design.
- Added a side navigation to help quicker navigation.
- Added keyboard support, this improves quicker navigation.
- Increased security measures.
- Prepared future features.

If you are using a laptop/mac/desk computer or a onscreen keyboard, you may find it handy to use the keyboard to navigation throughout Oracle. You can hover over the navigation icons and it will say what keyboard key is used for the feature or you can look threw the keyboard list below:

Key - O: Open/Close Oracle.

When Oracle is open...

Key - D: Takes you to the Dashboard.
Key - W: Takes you to the Whose Online.
Key - F: Takes you to the Friends.
Key - M: Takes you to the Messages.
Key - R: Takes you to the Friend Requests.
Key - N: Takes you to the Notifications.
Key - A: Takes you to the Achievements.
Key - P: Takes you to the Play Daily Bonus.

Please Note: If you are playing a game, you will need to click off the game to enable the keyboard to use on the Oracle.
Please Note: If you are typing, you will need to click off the text area to enable the keyboard to use the Oracle.

Posted by: Veasey, 2 years ago
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