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As you know, the website is currently lacking an acceptable amount of people. Most accounts have become alternate accounts for people to work around a ban. I am willing to reward three people who bring the website the most outside attention. We need users to turn this website from a wasteland, to a place to hang out and play games. To post in forums or use the chat and converse with other people. 

I will be monitoring new users, too. If you spam an alternate account and create new alternate accounts to gain the victory, there will be repercussions. That said, advertise the website throughout your social media accounts. The website also has its own facebook page that you can share to your friends. There is no age limitation, but anyone older than 12 is more welcome than anyone under the age of 12. 

The reward is in production at the moment, so you will be going in blind when you advertise the website. Us administrators will also be advertising the website to a couple people, and by a couple, I mean a lot of people. Since the website is undergoing a complete overhaul, it's now the best time to bring in welcome users. Of course, means people have to create accounts and be active. 

As it is, the website may be blocked in a few schools. Quite possibly most schools since there are a few games above the age restriction schools put in place, but we will work on getting the website unblocked by those schools. You can also help in the process by showing the school our facebook page. 

The facebook page is where one of our administrators creates mathematical comics where you have to solve the equations to even understand what the comic characters are saying and doing. The equations are a little difficult, but they also prove the website is capable of being unblocked. 

As administrators, it is our job to bring the website to its maximum capabilities, but it's also the users' job to help share the website to their peers. Mike, Admin, ShuttledOmen, Faceless, spikedmath, and Fangless are working hard to make sure the website is prepared for a possible rise in user amount. 

If you have read this and understand it, thank you for sparing your time. Make sure to inform Admin, Fangless, or Faceless if you wish to take part in this new contest. Good luck and Godspeed. 

Posted by: Admin, 1 year ago
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