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Math Games for Kids
These awesome math games for kids will show you that math can be fun! Check out some cool free math games like Rapid Math, Math Attack or Math Car! Choose your favorite one, start playing it, and post your high score if you want to challenge other people!
Math Attack
Help the army General fight the monsters that are …
1119 plays  Rating: 4.3  

Simple counting game where you are given an object…
1415 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Math Attack II
In this game you have to find equations that are t…
401 plays  Rating: 4.6  

The Cottage
In this simple game, all you have to do is keep tr…
1530 plays  Rating: 3.1  

Solve basic math problems. In the game, the middle…
949 plays  Rating: 3.8  

Drop tiles into the grid to make adjacent ones add…
755 plays  Rating: 3.9  

The Equator
Make mathematical equations as quickly as possible…
204 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Math Attack
With awesome graphics and sound, in this game you …
1369 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Math Attack - The re…
Clear all the pieces is this elementary mathematic…
300 plays  Rating: 4.5  

Math Solitaire
In this puzzling game, you are give 5 cards and yo…
607 plays  Rating: 4.2  

Maths Frenzy
Solve simple math problems in this arithmetic quiz…
532 plays  Rating: 3.3  

Equity Storm
In this puzzle game you must make both sides of th…
266 plays  Rating: 4.3  

Using sums, differences, and multiplication, clear…
438 plays  Rating: 4.1  

You must click on the squares to cycle through var…
466 plays  Rating: 4.3  

Super Number Guess
The computer has chosen a number between 1 and 10,…
583 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Math Dressup
Practice you multiplication table with this dress …
5462 plays  Rating: 3.8  

Solve math problems as you race against the clock.…
613 plays  Rating: 4.5  

Find the next number in the sequence. The numbers …
353 plays  Rating: 3.8  

Galactic Addition
In this space adventure you must use the mouse to …
1136 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Brain Teaser Quiz
With 12 different riddles, see if you can complete…
1910 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Click on blocks to make sums of 10. There are bonu…
82 plays  Rating: 4.5  

Math Puzzle Game
Click on the correct answers to reveal a hidden pi…
572 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Math Shooter
Taking place under the sea, you must choose the ri…
702 plays  Rating: 4.5  

In this classic game, you must only eat primes for…
3966 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Math Scramble
Rearrange the numbers to get a correct equation.
643 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Math Challenge
Good counting and arithmetic game. Take the test t…
800 plays  Rating: 3.7  

Cubes R Square
With 15 puzzles and arcade mode this game will kee…
427 plays  Rating: 3.8  

Ka Pow
Learn percentages with this puzzle game. By using …
600 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Monkey Math Balance
Balance the scales using coconuts!
1051 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Mathix - Successions
With 5 levels to complete, you must find the missi…
267 plays  Rating: 3.4  

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