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    • Only use the chat feature to talk to people you know. If you do talk to strangers, make sure you do not reveal personal information, such as real name, school, address, passwords to any kind of account, phone number, email, facebook profile, credit card information or personal photos.

    • Cyber-bullying will NOT be tolerated and should be reported immediately to the site director at We have a zero tolerance stance on this topic. If someone else is bullying you, report them immediately. Include the usernames of those involved along with the date and approximate time. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to report such activity to the appropriate school board and if necessary, local law enforcement agencies.

    • Keep vulgar language to a minimum when interacting in any public chat rooms.

    • If you are using an account, please do not forget to log out after every session, or the next user might impersonate you by using your account.

    • No matter who you talk to, including administrators of this website, do not give out your password or other personal information.

    • Do not save or open files you receive from unknown individuals, especially those with file extensions exe, bat, zip and doc as they may contain harmful viruses or macros.

  • In the case of excessive violation of the rules, the site owner has the right to close any account and if necessary, ban your IP from future access to the site.
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