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Playing online games is not just a ton of fun; these games are also a great educational tool. Learn math, logic, physics, and more by playing awesome online games such as Bloons Tower Defense 4, Line Bounder, Pi Runner, and Mastermind.
Mathix - Successions
With 5 levels to complete, you must find the missi…
283 plays  Rating: 3.4  

Many Balls
Count the number of balls and input your answer.
647 plays  Rating: 3.8  

Take this math quiz to score points.
643 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Use your logic to solve these tricky number puzzle…
3576 plays  Rating: 3.7  

The Knights Tour
The knight's tour is a famous puzzle dating back t…
5641 plays  Rating: 3.8  

In this puzzle game you must make words and then f…
404 plays  Rating: 3.6  

MathMan 2
Fight monsters by using MathMan and solving proble…
1949 plays  Rating: 4.3  

Click blocks to get the correct sums, but don't le…
1802 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Math Lines
Destroy balls by forming pairs that add up to 10. …
11722 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Summation 9
With over 50 problems, you must choose from 9 numb…
507 plays  Rating: 3.6  

Brain Workout
Try these math exercises.
1024 plays  Rating: 4.1  

Doof Sudoku
Classic game of Sudoku.
1499 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Classic game of Sudoku with 30 puzzles and 3 diffi…
3690 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Friends Connexion
Connect the friendly people with bridges as fast a…
726 plays  Rating: 3.4  

Improve your math with this treasure game. Make ch…
782 plays  Rating: 3.8  

Solitaire-Bottle Cap…
Try to remove all the bottle caps except the last …
1275 plays  Rating: 3.8  

In this classic game, you must guess the order and…
7385 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Carpenter Cut
You must cut the logs into pieces of wood of the r…
3799 plays  Rating: 3.6  

Hardest Math Sudoku
With over 24 unique puzzles, this game is based of…
1400 plays  Rating: 3.6  

Dress Up Sale
Just like Dress Up Math, you must dress up the gir…
1504 plays  Rating: 3.6  

Choose a pile to take matches from. The player who…
1973 plays  Rating: 3.6  

Math Quiz
Take this arithmetic quiz to see how much you know…
480 plays  Rating: 4.0  

Magic Matrix - Numbe…
Swap pieces so that each row has the same numbers …
3080 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Enjoy With Math
With over 30 fun levels, this game will keep you b…
253 plays  Rating: 4.3  

The Pendulum
In this game you must use the laws of physics to t…
1618 plays  Rating: 3.9  

Create math expressions using only the number 4.
914 plays  Rating: 4.1  

In this game, you must activate the circle at the …
4325 plays  Rating: 3.7  

MathDoku Challenge
This game is just like Sudoku but with a twist. Ar…
1293 plays  Rating: 3.8  

Short and Cut
In this puzzle, you must connect the two glowing d…
3714 plays  Rating: 3.4  

Guess the number
In this simple game, you have to guess the number …
1233 plays  Rating: 4.1  

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