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Multiplication  Test
Take this multiplication test and try to get all the answers right.
488 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Math Puzzle Game
Click on the correct answers to reveal a hidden picture!
562 plays  Overall rating: 4.1  

Tower of Hanoi
This is a classic puzzle taught in introductory algorithms courses. Th…
11308 plays  Overall rating: 3.5  

Tugmath Fraction
Tugmath Fraction is a tug of war game in which you will gain power to …
2229 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Pi Climber Squared
In this game, you must the digits of Pi form the map of the game. Your…
5971 plays  Overall rating: 3.6  

Pi Climber
In this game, you must the digits of Pi form the map of the game. Your…
14128 plays  Overall rating: 3.6  

The Orbit Game
As a scientist, you need to find a way to get on the orbit of these pl…
8271 plays  Overall rating: 3.6  

Cosmic Crush
You are one of the smallest rocks in the universe, but if you put your…
3868 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Not In my Dungeon!
In this game, you are the dungeon boss, so try to protect it from all …
852 plays  Overall rating: 4.7  

Angry Pumpkins
Are you ready for Halloween? Use your angry pumpkin sling shot to knoc…
3566 plays  Overall rating: 4.4  

Queens Solitaire
The goal of the game is to move all the cards from the tableau to the …
618 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

Enough Plumbers 2
Enough Plumber 2 is now here with a bunch of cool new levels! Once aga…
1457 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

Where is the new Star?
Test your memory in this challenging star guessing game. You need to c…
587 plays  Overall rating: 3.7  

Sequence Memory
In sequence Memory, you need to take a look at a sequence of numbers a…
375 plays  Overall rating: 4.8  

Wood Crash
Clear each level of Wood Crash by destroying the bricks connected to e…
515 plays  Overall rating: 4.0  

Arabic bubbles
Arabic Bubbles is a simple, but fun bubble shooter game. Connect multi…
346 plays  Overall rating: 3.6  

General knowledge Quiz
Test your general knowledge in this fun quiz. You can restart the test…
1351 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

World Flags Quiz
Do you like flags? Test your knowledge about them in the World Flags Q…
865 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Sushi Sue
Sushi Sue wants to become the best restaurant chef in the business. He…
774 plays  Overall rating: 2.7  

Paper Train Full Version …
If you enjoyed the first Paper Train, this game will bring you a whole…
9284 plays  Overall rating: 4.0  

Last Defence
This rocket factory is under attack. Blue, red, and yellow robots are …
1805 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

Cursed Treasure: Don't To…
You are the spirit that guards these stones in Cursed Treasure: Don't …
1576 plays  Overall rating: 4.5  

Save the Flame
The Olympic flame has been lit and you need to keep it safe while runn…
393 plays  Overall rating: 2.3  

Dungeon Deadline
Dungeon Deadline is a fun game in which you only have 10 seconds to ex…
266 plays  Overall rating: 4.0  

Are you a true Barbarian? Prove it in this player versus player game o…
2022 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

In Creeping, you'll have to train yourself and learn how to use your a…
5505 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Epic War 4
Fight your way through epic bosses in Epic War 4. With 5 heroes each w…
60323 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Epic War 3
This is the third instalment of the Epic War series created by Rudy Su…
43018 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Bloons Tower Defense
In this original tower defense game, the goal is to pop as many balloo…
46302 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Bloons Player Pack 2
A huge number of new levels to play chosen from user submissions.
5941 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

Oink Bunk
The Oink Bunk piggy is making a run for it. Help him jump over obstacl…
546 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Crusaders Truck
Crusaders Truck is a game in which you are about to sabotage an alien …
263 plays  Overall rating: 3.7  

Zombie Craft
Zombie Craft has difficult levels where players are on the edge where …
18219 plays  Overall rating: 4.4  

Forest of Death
Forest of Death has been around for quite some time, and the game idea…
14614 plays  Overall rating: 4.5  

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