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Math Solitaire
In this puzzling game, you are give 5 cards and your goal is to obtain…
548 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

Brain Racer Integers
Same as Brain Racer but the integer version. Solve problems as fast as…
831 plays  Overall rating: 3.3  

In this game, you must activate the circle at the top of the screen by…
3961 plays  Overall rating: 3.7  

The Knights Tour
The knight's tour is a famous puzzle dating back to the 9th century wh…
4761 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

In this Simon says type of game, you must memorize 100 digits of Pi by…
19496 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Pi Climber
In this game, you must the digits of Pi form the map of the game. Your…
11947 plays  Overall rating: 3.7  

Corrode all of these bolts as quickly as you can by attacking the ones…
2912 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Take control of the direction of gravity and try to make the right col…
2067 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

Zombies vs Penguins
These Mayan Statues need to be destroyed, but can a penguin get the jo…
6358 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Get the Rum
Get the Rum to this thirsty sailor in this fun game. Try to collect as…
313 plays  Overall rating: 4.8  

You can create your own music in this game choosing from over 150 inst…
470 plays  Overall rating: 4.9  

Farm Roads Lite
Find a way to connect these houses through the roads and complete the …
733 plays  Overall rating: 3.5  

Memory Wars
Memory Wars will test your memory to the max. Try to remember the card…
523 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

Where is the new Star?
Test your memory in this challenging star guessing game. You need to c…
531 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

The Time Trap
Crossword puzzles are fun with words, but they are also great if you u…
208 plays  Overall rating: 2.6  

Ancient Alchemist Puzzle
Ancient Alchemist Puzzle is an interesting board game in which you nee…
118 plays  Overall rating: 3.7  

Scribble States
Do you want to know more about United States geography? In this quiz g…
876 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Pin 2 Map
Test your knowledge on where cities of the world are located. You will…
6758 plays  Overall rating: 4.0  

Airport Control
In Airport Control you need to manage this airport and make sure each …
1683 plays  Overall rating: 3.3  

Santa Situation
Santa lost all of this presents and reindeer, but he might have enough…
1381 plays  Overall rating: 4.5  

Clash of goblins
How long can you defend your fortress in Clash of Goblins? Get up on t…
2182 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

Shore Siege 2
You finally found a valuable treasure and your life as a pirate is abo…
2840 plays  Overall rating: 4.1  

Akita Kanto Festival
A tradition of the Akita Kanto Festival is to keep a large array of la…
134 plays  Overall rating: 5.0  

Jet Pod Remanufactured
Try to navigate slowly through these obstacles and reach the exit door…
127 plays  Overall rating: 4.0  

Chicken Attack
These farm animals are relentless and they will keep on attacking you.…
1486 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

The Zombie Feeder
This zombie is just trying to get in zombie heaven. Can you get him so…
1911 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Epic War
This is the first instalment of the Epic War series created by Rudy Su…
30357 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Epic War 2
This is the second instalment of the Epic War series created by Rudy S…
17117 plays  Overall rating: 4.4  

Bloons Tower Defense 5
The 5th edition of the bloons franchise will keep you busy for HOURS!!…
5172912 plays  Overall rating: 4.8  

Bloons Tower Defense 3
In the third installment of BTD, you need to pop bloons (balloons) bef…
61730 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Greedy Robot
Greedy Robot loves collecting coins, so give him a hand and make sure …
196 plays  Overall rating: 3.0  

Barons Gate
In Barons Gate, you will have to explore the world around you and try …
1747 plays  Overall rating: 4.7  

Police Academy 3D
Police Academy 3D is a great game that you must try, you'll definitely…
17464 plays  Overall rating: 4.5  

Forest of Death
Forest of Death has been around for quite some time, and the game idea…
10362 plays  Overall rating: 4.5  

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