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Division Test
Take this division multiple choice test and try to get every answer ri…
408 plays  Overall rating: 3.2  

Solve basic math problems. In the game, the middle circle will contain…
801 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

Daily Squares
In this puzzle game, you must arrange the active blocks so that all th…
1082 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Test Your Mathematical Sk…
You have 60 seconds to test your mathematical skills and answer as man…
2634 plays  Overall rating: 4.1  

In this Simon says type of game, you must memorize 100 digits of Pi by…
24214 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Pi Climber
In this game, you must the digits of Pi form the map of the game. Your…
14030 plays  Overall rating: 3.7  

Take control of the direction of gravity and try to make the right col…
2279 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

The irRegularGame of Life
This game is based on Conway's "game of life"; follow the ce…
2470 plays  Overall rating: 4.1  

Crab Shooter
Use your crab to burst the bubbles underwater and collect your points.…
564 plays  Overall rating: 3.4  

Can you shoot these colored boxes and push them towards a big block of…
323 plays  Overall rating: 4.1  

Blob and Blocks
Find a way to get Blob on the green grass by removing the blocks from …
144 plays  Overall rating: 4.1  

Abuba the Alien
Abuba The Alien landed on Earth by mistake and he is trying to return …
776 plays  Overall rating: 4.4  

Very basic memory game where you have to find all the matching pairs o…
1557 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Ancient Code 2
Nice memory game that teaches you to match up Chinese symbols with the…
916 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Twins Deluxe
Match twin balls in this fun game to clear the level in record time. T…
495 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

Shape Matcher 2
Shape Matcher 2 is a simple game in which you can drag shapes to conne…
989 plays  Overall rating: 4.7  

Brain Workout
Your body needs a workout to stay in shape, but so does your brain! Fl…
1194 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Know this flag?
Do you know this flag? If you do, choose the country it belongs to and…
2360 plays  Overall rating: 4.3  

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing
It's racing time! Start driving your hot rod as fast as you can, jump …
21010 plays  Overall rating: 4.7  

300 Miles to Pigsland
In 300 Miles to Pigsland, you will have to escape the barn and run as …
4609 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Steampunk Tower
Steampunk Tower is an advanced strategy game in which you will have to…
30688 plays  Overall rating: 4.8  

Frontline Defense
You are on the frontline and you must defend your base. Choose between…
1775 plays  Overall rating: 4.4  

Escape Run
There are hundreds of deadly traps in your path, but you might be able…
873 plays  Overall rating: 3.8  

In Pointer, you need to drag your mouse pointer through the maze and r…
876 plays  Overall rating: 4.5  

Earn to Die
Do you have enough money to survive the zombie apocalypse? Try to buy …
20730 plays  Overall rating: 4.8  

Ninja Gravity
This ninja is stuck inside a tomb, but his ninja training has prepared…
4133 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Epic War 5
This is the fifth instalment of the AWESOME Epic War series created by…
105085 plays  Overall rating: 4.7  

Epic War 2
This is the second instalment of the Epic War series created by Rudy S…
18349 plays  Overall rating: 4.4  

Bloons Tower Defense 3
In the third installment of BTD, you need to pop bloons (balloons) bef…
68540 plays  Overall rating: 4.6  

Bloons Player Pack 2
A huge number of new levels to play chosen from user submissions.
5914 plays  Overall rating: 4.2  

Music Catch 2
Put on your headphones and start collecting musical notes. The more yo…
1379 plays  Overall rating: 4.8  

North Sweet North
Global warming is here and the penguin has to find another place to li…
342 plays  Overall rating: 3.9  

Forest of Death
Forest of Death has been around for quite some time, and the game idea…
14329 plays  Overall rating: 4.5  

Police Academy 3D
Police Academy 3D is a great game that you must try, you'll definitely…
24115 plays  Overall rating: 4.4  

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