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Peace on Earth - April 29, 2015
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Thanks to Mark S for this comic!

Spiked Math Comic - Peace on Earth

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... and goodwill toward min()? Not as catchy. (this is the same Mark S that suggested the comic btw)

.i lo nu ti pinka fi do cu pu krinu lo nu mi jimpe lo smuni lo selxamsku .i mi djica lo nu zasti fa zoi zoi. pixra pe Ψ .zoi poi ri srana lo lisxra pe ti

That comment of yours made me understand the joke. There should be a "Ψ image" which pertains to this comic.

Could someone please explain the joke here?

It is a pun, meant to sound like the phrase "peace on earth (and goodwill towards men)," originating from the bible passage Luke 2:14.

There isn't a joke intended. Idi0t!

Anyone else see an error when loading the image?


Yeah... That's almost every page you open.

This site is very boring. The games are dumb --- Even some won't even load correctly. Please fix, or you will lose a lot of members.

Is spiked math going to have any more comics?

When is the next comic coming out?

were is your point here

were are the points of this picture

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