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The cos y function - April 15, 2015
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Thanks to my buddy Alex for the idea for this comic!

Spiked Math Comic - The cos y function

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A hammock in the office - still the dream... What are the odds on the function sec(c) appearing next? ;-)

It appeared already, long time ago: http://spikedmath.com/163.html

If he is not careful to switch the "standard" positions of the x and y axes, he might get dumped on the floor.

Dumb question--what do the counter and cookie thing at the bottom of your site mean?

Thanks for continuing to put out comics. Wish you the best :D

My guess:
The cookie counter counts visits (apparently non-unique, as refreshing affects the counter).
The one above it counts the number of people subscribed to Spiked Math's feed.

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