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Linear Algebra Problems - September 10, 2014
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Spiked Math Comic - Linear Algebra Problems

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At least it's not an imaginary disease where the medicine could have complex side effects.

Haha! Good one!
Imaginary numbers are real numbers multiplied by the imaginary unit!
So bi where i=sqrt(-1)
Complex numbers are in the form of a+bi and are the basis of the complex plane

Not sure that I'd trust a doctor that has WebMD visible on their computer :)

At least he can calculate a minimal diagnosis set ;)

I get the joke!
The system if equations is inconsistent, meaning it has no solution, so no one can get a solution and the doctor can't help.
This is because if you multiply the first equation by negative two...
Yet the third equation sets the new left hand side equal to 5
Since -6 doesn't equal 5, it is impossible to get any solution out of the system!
And yes I am a nerd

Oops... I meant "of", not "if"

WebMD on the doctor's screen? LOL!
Thanks @Pirnez for your explanation. I had to pretend I got the joke until I read your post! :)

You're welcome! Glad you understand it now!

I am sorry if I replied a bit late...

I like these comics! Keep it up Mike!

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