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Eggnog by Serge Lang - March 11, 2014
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A colleague of mine found this in his office and I thought I would share it!

I'm not exactly sure who the source is - perhaps someone reading this can fill in the blanks? It doesn't seem to have been published online thus far.

Page 1 (pdf format)
Page 2 (pdf format)

Spiked Math Comic - Eggnog by Serge Lang

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No idea who the reviewer might be, but the author of the recipe is presumably this Serge Lang: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serge_Lang (well-known, at least in my day).

The recipe itself was quite illegible. Any takers on an interpretation?

Lang's Eggnog

1 bottle Remy Martin VSOP (Presumably any VSOP will do, but any lesser cognac will result in a correspondingly less smooth taste and is at your own risk!)
2 quarts milk
1 quart cream
1 pound sugar
1 dozen yolks of eggs, beaten
Mix the above well.
1 dozen whites of eggs, beaten stiff, fold into the above.

How does that add up to 7 gallons?

Presumably ostrich eggs and a Nebuchadnezzar of cognac are intended.



"updated \varepsilon>0 times per month"
There's nothing sadder than seeing an epsilon equal to zero :(

that is so cool (lol)

I miss this comic. I keep checking back hoping it will be updated only to find the same thing I saw the last 40 times...


Same : ( mrsame@gmail.com

This was the 2014 Christmas comic. Don't expect anything new until after!

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