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Proofs (Part 1) - February 2, 2014
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Spiked Math Comic - Reading Proofs

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The mouse over feels more accurate today :(

@tim, I second that :)

I had no idea there were mouseovers. Now I have to go through all the comics again! Yay!

Professor Łojasiewicz from Jagiellonian University(Poland) once showed a proof of one implication in two hours. It was less than a minute until the end of lecture, so he looked at this theorem and said: 'And the other implication is trivial'. Students were too shy to ask professor how it is trivial, although they didn't see it themselves. Days passed and at an oral exam Łojasiewicz told first student to prove that theorem. Student proved shortly one implication and then said: 'and the other implication is trivial'. Professor was sitting still for 15 minutes, thinking intensively. Finally he said: 'You're right, it is trivial' and he gave student highest possible note :D

I've heard much the same story about, "Now, from this it is obvious that . . ."

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