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Happy Halloween! - December 24, 2013
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Spiked Math Comic - Happy Halloween

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Sorry, I don't get it too! :(

Oct = octal; dec = decimal. :)

Excellent, :)

what is this?

Well, this got 25 `Likes' over on the Facebooks, so let me cross-post it here:

25 [decimal] = 31 [octal].

If we abbreviate decimal as "Dec" and octal as "Oct" then we can pretend they are the months December and October respectively.

Then we can say that "Dec 25" is actually "Oct 31".

Therefore, Christmas would be Halloween.


Spiked Math -- the only comic strip that encourages pseudo-proofs of the joke's internal logic.
Furry cows moo and decompress.

Some years Thanksgiving falls on Nov 27, which is also the same as Oct 31 and Dec 25!


Happy new year!

dec 25 = oct 31


twisted pencil is wack. im in school on this

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