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The Adventures of Martin31415926 - Part 3 - November 4, 2013
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Spiked Math Comic - Silly Martin

Thanks to martin31415926 for allowing me to use the above idea which he actually posted as a note to his students! Also, credit goes to Kristen M. for the "Schrödinger's Office Hours" idea.

Also check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Martin's adventures.

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The image isn't appearing.

How about now?

Yes, it works now.

I think it is in superposition of appearing and not appearing.

Maybe it is a superimposition of Heisenberg and Schrödinger such that it can be seen, but only for brief periods of time, corresponding to its high energy state. . . .

what are you talking adout little piggg

Heisenberg's principle says that a high energy state can exist, but only for a brief moment--it's a mathematical manipulation of the more familiar inability to know a particle's position and momentum both accurately. Perhaps the energy of the system is too low to allow the image to be seen for longer than, say, one second?

Why no psi? :(

Needless to say that the student's probability to be already in the room while waiting "outside" is greater than zero. 10^-40 ish but still...

The students may or may nor be waiting outside the door, wondering if there is already another student already in- or not in- the office talking with the prof who may or may not be in.

Glad you're back! Can you make that ε>0 at least equal to π?

wacth out for the christmas monster


Merry Christmas everyone!

I wonder if someone has used Schrodinger's analogy as alibi in a court-case.

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