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Happy Birthday - July 1, 2013
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Spiked Math Comic - Happy Birthday Kelvin

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No birthday paradox jokes? At least 2 of my friends are disappointed with 90% probability.

Thumbs up for the "35 base 6" :)

what is life without music

I turned 20 (base 11) yesterday, and asked the guest to party hard, as it was a big round day.

One time... I actually went outside. it was a scary day, you guys should try it.

There is another way to resolve the paradox in panels 1-3. The 23!-year old fellow has years 1/(22!) as long as ours.

I was hoping for a joke in base-13.

Wow, the spammers have taken over the comments.

I didn't really see the joke until I saw some of the other comments and realized that the joke was the subtle "23!" (although that is something I should have realized much sooner).

When will the next comic appear?

hmm it looks to me like ε has fallen below 0 (see top of page)

I think you have an off-by-one error. It looks to me like ε has merely fallen below 1.

I think "ε>0" is a boolean statement. Last month it evaluated to true, so we got 1 update. We'll see if it's still true this month.

"ε>0" will always be true. It's because, as defined, ε = (# of UPDATES)/(# months passed since the 1st comic) > 0 (both of functions are positive non-decreasing)

Mike, good job on this one. :) :)
Erdös would be proud again. :)

Nothing like milking a birthday wish for 40+ days.


i dun get jk? kan sum1 plz explane 2 me? repli pl0x, meny thanx.

Don't Drop dat durka durka oooooooo don't DROP DAT DURKA DURKA

hey i know you- SumRand0mIndian

comic idea! the maths department is sitting in their ivory tower, X>oo..Y*oo>X..Z^oo^oo>Y.. next door the lower building CS PROGRAMMING a few neanderthals have an impressive computer genius program with maths/computer equations everywhere... the answer on the screen is 42... a few maths gurus cast an eye down to the CS department and grunt "Primitive Recursion!" ~ the Gray

Don't forget the comma.

I am totally gonna use that birthday card idea someday

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