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"Real" Job Interview - Part 3 (Guest Comic) - May 21, 2013
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A special thanks to Andreï K. for today's comic! Also, check out his last comic LaTeX3.

Spiked Math Comic - Real Job Interview

Parts 1 and 2 of the "Job Interview" series in case you missed them.

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LOL! Art a bit inspired from C&H, eh?

By 'the original source', I think you mean, 'another job-interview-related comic we might enjoy'.

No, I mean that this comic comes from Cyanide and Happiness. It's redrawn and the exact joke is different, but it's the same panels in the same places, with the same joke format.

If this were submitted as a "paper" for a class, with no citations, I would consider it plagiarism.

I think this version is even better :)

Where is the $\psi$ at the bottom of this comic?

Thanks for sharing this, it was really interesting to me, I'll come back again for more soon.

Why can't I find this comic on your rss feed?

Really loved this job interview - i'm sharing this on my blog too.

Maybe I should apply this during my interviewed. :)

"Mr. Idangam"? Ha.


Yawn......how long do we have to look at this boring comic? It's been over a month.

eps>0 is not necessarily an integer. All we know is that if eps is constant, we'll have a new comic not more than 1/eps months from May 21. And since eps can be arbitrarily small . . .

@Ian mallet: The banner says "updated eps > 0 times per month", not "updated an average of eps>0 times per month". We have not had an update in the last month (span of time). There is still time if "month" means "calendar month", but the clock is ticking...:)

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