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The Fresh Prince of Math-Air - March 7, 2013
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This is an extension of Comic #345 - The Life of Zero (from December 2010). It's a story about the number zero:

Spiked Math Comic - The Fresh Prince of Math-Air

And a bonus video of the lyrics!

In case the story doesn't make sense as to how 1/0 can be infinity, read up on the Real Projective Line and it'll become clearer.

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The middle part of the video (lyrics) is pretty awesome, but the beginning and the end need to be spruced up. The end seems rushed, and the beginning is very non-mathematical. Otherwise, good job!

it was so funny that i laughed to death when i saw it. i hope i see it again someday.

LOVE the video- very very funny and creative :)


Shouldn't $\epsilon$ (pardon me if this doesn't turn into an epsilon) have said "I'm calling a/x to map you out of here!"?

This video was cool

I feel like it has been forever since a new comic, are you doing ok?


tht video was 2 cool bro

i created tht video last nite. it took me awhile, but i finished it.

u need to watch out now

i ain't watchin' out fo' notin'.

Sorry got bored but loved the vid.

Yeah, hohoho. Nice :-)

Actually, 0/1 is incorrectly called "infinity" only because the result is a number that is infinitely large. The result of the operation is technically "a number so large as to be undefined" which is the definition of the symbol that resembles the Arabic numeral 8 turned on its side. "Infinity" is actually a philosophical construct, not a mathematical one. Realistically, though, infinity does not exist. (Now back to my single-malt scotch.)

0/1? Really? I've never heard anyone call that "infinity." Usually, they just call it "zero."

I think he meant 1/0.

Cantor turned infinitudes into mathematical constructs, including various sizes of infinitudes--actually infinite infinities. We still don't know which infinity corresponds to the infinite infinities he worked with...

was up

Yo dawg, I heard you like mudkips

Man this is a crazy video.. very nice..

This video should go viral

i cant beleve this

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