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Keep Calm and Watch Khan - February 26, 2013
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Spiked Math Comic - eep Calm and Watch Khan

Is there anyone here who has never heard of Khan Academy? If not, check it out! :D

(Keep calm meme)

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I haven't heard of it...

Well, that's a minefield. Is there anyone here who has never heard of Mystery Teacher Theatre Two Thousand? If not, check it out:

I am all for helping something get better by criticism and whatnot, and by itself that first video was a good thing, however I find it utterly ridiculous how some people involved in MTT2K and others try to show how Khan Academy or other stuff like that is not very good or not feasible even(if not explicitly than heavily implied by their tone and choice of words) by pointing out he missed a positive sign here or a comma there. No student in his right and neither Salman Khan thinks those videos are the end all be all of a lesson, most of the mistakes in those videos are easily corrected when the student moves on to further material and practice, in any case the complete ridiculousness(and hypocrisy, its pretty common for classroom teachers to make such mistakes too) of a lot of these "critics" make one feel very strongly that they are little more than jealous-axe-grinders and ego strokers.

*in his right mind

No, I'd never heard of it. It appears to be independent-study heaven! If only there had been such a thing when I was young...

I didn't know the meme before, but this seemed so obvious I just had to do it.

While the Khan videos are a useful tool, there are sometimes he just teaches shortcuts and undermines professors. He isn't a savior, and if you use him as one, you will run into trouble.

video dont work

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