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End of Proof Stickers - February 20, 2013
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Spiked Math Comic - End of Proof Stickers

  • The idea for today's comic is inspired by SOTI's latest comic Little Black Box. Hmm, all those little squares are making me see spots.
  • New video posted on the youtube channel: The Pinocchio Paradox
  • Also, a very big thanks to Shira for letting me share the two images below of some first order logic blocks she made for a friend for the holidays. There are 18 blocks in total based on a comic I created a year ago: Alphabet Blocks. Super awesome! You can check out her blog (http://buildingfriends.blogspot.ca/) for other projects she's worked on, like Magnetic Tessellating Escher Fish.

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Have a hi-res version of these? It would be fun to actually print them out and use 'em :)

Shouldn't it be 99.001% saved?

Nevermind. Misread the crossed out value.

Not complaining or anything, but what's with the sudden increase in comics?

Those blocks remind me of the dice game, WFF 'n' PROOF. They used Polish Notation, such as Crp, r --> p but the idea is similar.

"Shut up and take my money!"

"You have just neen Sickered!"

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