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The adventures of martin31415926 - Part 2 - February 6, 2013
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Thanks to my buddy martin31415926 for this idea that he posted on his facebook (true story):

Spiked Math Comic - The adventures of martin31415926

Check out part 1 here.

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Not true! As a fresher I wanted everything proved. That's one reason why I disliked applied courses - nothing (or very little) was proved!

Actually, I liked it when some of the proofs were omitted, since it gave me a chance to have a shot at the theorem and try proving it myself. :) However, if it was a big hard theorem, I would eventually fail and search for the "black magic" proof afterwards. And after I saw the original proof, I would feel that I was really getting into the subject - not just observing what other people were doing.

I like it, but in our IT maths course it's more like:
Professor (writing on the board): "Proof: obvious. \Box."
In this case most of us respond with a facepalm, because the professor thinks he does us a favor, but we want to see the proof to learn how to write a formal sound proof on our own.

lolx this was funny.I have shared this on my blog. www.funious.blogspot.com

Every time the professor says "I leave the proof as exercise", I go "NOOOOOO" and never get to manage to do any of the homework.

How about Lakatos "Proofs and Refutations"? Wonderful book! Shows how proofs are not the end of the inquiry...

Agreed, beautiful book.

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