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What it is going to say on Knuth's tombstone - January 21, 2013
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* Disclaimer: This is just a hypothetical situation, Donald Knuth is still with us!

Spiked Math Comic - What it is going to say on Knuth's tombstone

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I love this!
For the alt-text, I'm sure I know why the comic took so long.
The compilation returned loads of errors and debugging took up some time. :p


For people who don't know TeX, this may help:

Don't know if I get it right, but I guess it's like "too large to fit in the margin" in Latex-style?

Ah, just found the second answer.

Opened the page, saw Knuth's name on a tombstone, freaked out, went to his Wikipedia article, saw that he was still alive, heaved a sigh of relief, came back, and read the full comic.

I did exactly the same thing! Mike, you should put a disclaimer!

helo. Same here.

helo. Same here.

Evidently, he did listen and added the disclaimer.

first 2013 comic!!!!!!! *dances*

psi is right!



Wow. I was really upset about how old monsieur Knuth was half a year ago, so I have already written an obituary for him. He is my favourite scientist. He is the one who changed my life 2 years ago.

The text does not adequately depict a badness of 10000.
You should have part of the text overhanging the tombstone.

| Here lieth the gret-and-mighty-|one
| Donald Knuth |
| Overfull \hbox (badness 10000) |

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