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Complimentary Angles - December 15, 2012
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This was made for a grade 7 worksheet so thought I'd share it on here too!

Spiked Math Comic - Complimentary Angles

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I believe I didn't understand this... :(

If you still don't understand it, here's an explanation. The angles are giving each other compliments. Two angles that sum to a right angle are called complementary angles.

Thanks, english isn't my mothertongue, so I miss easily this kind of spelling-puns... But now it seems evident and I'm wondering how much asleep I was when I posted the comment... ;)

My, you are acute angle!

Haha, I was expecting that one as well!

And you know what? Together they're right!

One of the best comics so far! Really nice! :-D

I sometimes bend over backwards to come up with a clever comment, but that reaction is mostly reflexive.

It probably should be 'As are you, my friend'.

Alpha: You are ACUTE angle
Beta: Thanks, you too.
Math Joker: Yes, and together you are RIGHT

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