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Will you sign my yearbook - December 7, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - Will you sign my yearbook?

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At the end of the word you never use a long ſ, but a short s. ("Bio was ſo much fun with you, will miſs you!")

He's right, long s never goes on the end. It's like the sigma in Ancient Greek (don't know about modern Greek). I know this from reading early nineteenth century English mathsbooks! :)

Ah understood. I was simply just changing the fonts so didn't take that into consideration.

Why not a sign(x) function, that is -1 for x0 ?

@Stefano: Because sign and sine are homophones, Duh.

ε is getting smaller. :(

Hopefully it will stay positive, though (: But it's sadly true that $\epsilon$ is quite small at the moment :(

Hopefully it will stay positive, though (:

IKR :( I used to read 3 regularly: This, xkcd, and Abstruse Goose. Abstruse goose seems to have... vaporized.

Can I co-sign your your yearbook as well?? :D

Easy peasey! You can even use the same graph!

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