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LaTeX3 (Guest Comic) - November 7, 2012
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A special thanks to Andreï K. for today's comic! Don Knuth's lecture on iTeX and an actual misprint inspired this humorous xkcd-stylish comic.

Spiked Math Comic - LaTeX3

See: http://www.latex-project.org/latex3.html

Also, Brandon K. was kind enough to translate some Spiked Math Comics into Korean:
Korean Spiked Math

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Once I wanted make some magazine in LaTeX... googling for latex magazine... there were (still are?) some really weird things on the Internet....

I googled "latex3 sunset". Oh gosh what have I done...

google 'latex sunset' he said...it'll be fun he said

Trying it out was faster than googling, actually. Fortunately, it indeed gave an error.

you're an idiot

I noticed some subtle jokes (besides the main idea):
1. GPL WinEdt 8.0 LOL;
2. Window control buttons make up the word "pox" (?);
3. On one of WinEdt tabs (math, greek, ...), the word "greek" is replaced with "geek"; surprisingly, "math" was not turned into "meth", ha-ha (bonjour monsieur Erdos);
4. In the PDF viewer window title, there is a LaTeX em-dash (---). However, in real life SumatraPDF displays a hyphen there.

Looking for more!

Two links out of three are broken.

Mike - I just wanted to say thanks for having my math cartoons in your top 10. I really do appreciate it. While I love creating the mathtoons I don't spend enough time getting the word out on them. Let me know if you want to share any and I can get you some clean versions.

Thanks - Craig (creator of notsohumblepi.com)

yea boy

Trying it out was faster than googling - me too ;)

I really suspect that Mike is also behind Abstruse Goose since both website haven't benn update for about the same amount of time. Hum..

That'd be cool if I were, but unfortunately I am not AG! I'll be updating later today with something.

Oh my! You made my day! And the author of that LaTeX code is a Russian, too!


windows fanboys ... moreover, my browser is already displaying the solution to the captcha, did you forget to remove the default text??

PS3 has no games the same way LiNuX, he-he, has no PDF viewers. I have tried almost all of them. The rendering in the cluttered Adobe Reader is too idiosyncratic. Other viewers, including Evince, Okular and their siblings, corrode those extra-thin CMU font letters. Sad but true.

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