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A mathematician's dream - August 30, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - A mathematicians dream

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Wow this has happened to me before, especially with homework :)

it's even worse if you're sure the proof was legit, but can't remember it

For alternate proofs/solutions you gotta have multilayered dream like in inception

Also in the 3rd panel, this guy wakes up at $\pi$ in the morning.

At > Pi in the morning

What's the story behind the small psi on the bottom left corner of the last panel?

That's a new feature that should pop up a hidden bonus panel related to the comic, just like the red button on SMBC. You may need to refresh to get the updated stylesheet, but I did test it in Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.

Any chance you can get it working for a mobile interface? The red button works on my iPhone/iPad from smbc, but it seems as if your psi doesn't.

What does a dream of 6 monkeys dancing in a circle each holding the "next" monkey's tail mean?

I do this all the time, except not when I'm sleeping, but when I'm trying to fall asleep. I'll be sure I have a workable solution, and when I try to formulate it on paper it just falls apart :(

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