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Owners Manual - Mathematician - June 25, 2012
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Sorry for the lack of comics/updates lately. I'll sort out emails/messages shortly after I find my hat.

Spiked Math Comic - Mathematician 1.0 Owners Manual

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Every mathematician I'm friends with (including myself) would come back from the casino with more money.

Perhaps, but would you turn it all in?

I actually have a wizard hat on my desk. And a binary slanket.

I only have a Klein bottle hat, a few hard hats and a fez. I knew I was missing something.

I love problem #3.

I keep trying to think of things that would be in the rest of the manual, but coming up with more troubleshooting instead.

My mathematician has stopped producing theorems
Provide more coffee (sold separately) to your mathematician.

My mathematician has grown resistant to coffee.
Provide amphetamines to your mathematician.

My mathematician will not reveal what it is working on.
In certain models, this is normal behaviour that may last for decades. For best results, we recommend keeping your mathematician up-to-date on which Millennium Prize problems which have already been solved.

I don’t understand any of the theorems my mathematician produces.
This is a sign of a high-quality mathematician. If you would like to understand the output, we recommend our entry-level products:

My First Abacist
Arithmetician for Dummies

Either product may be substituted for the calculator recommended in solution 1. We offer a special 2-for-the-price-of-3 package for those wishing to purchase one of these products along with their mathematician

These are more awesome than the ones I have. I should have emailed you to make the list before putting up this comic!

Glad to see you're back, I was getting worried! Or at least suspected a summer vacation to blame.

Sadly, I haven't started my vacation yet!

Any plan where you lose you lose your hat is a bad plan.

Has Spiked Math become jagerized?

I'll take three mathematicians and one arithmetician.

It's fun to stay at the

It's fun to stay at the

Though I'd change cos(x) to cos^2(x). It looks more like an 'M' IMHO.

Happy Tau Day!

And how exactly is a mathematicians skills (presumably in probability) going to make doubling money trivial, ESPECIALLY $20. Slots are insanely stupid, take table games would eat the 20 on minimum bets in far too few hands. Perfectly played video poker on a prefect payable machine (still only a 99.95% expected return

The point of "gives 20 back" was that the mathematician doesn't play at all, for those reasons. Guaranteed doubling would be ridiculous.

thank you, I actually had not understood that.

I had a suspicion, but not enough to save me from making a silly post...

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