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Why did the chicken cross the road? - May 27, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - Why did the chicken cross the road?

Credits to the internet for this joke.

I was trying to come up with an original Intermediate Value Theorem joke/comic, but couldn't immediately think of anything and really need to finish some other work! Anyways, enjoy this old joke!

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thats only when the function is continuous i think...

Are you expecting the chicken to cross the road in a discontinuous manner?

Until it is proven otherwise, I assume that the chicken may cross the road in a discontinuous manner.

chicken can fly. really.

How high does it have to fly before it's not considered "crossing" anymore? High enough not to be in the way of any oncoming vehicles?

Assume the chicken's path is 2-dimensional. If that path ends on the road, assume the chicken is 2-dimensional.

Quantum state chickens are the tastiest kind. Remember that when you're grilling this Memorial Day.

For very small chicken (and very narrow roads), the planck length should also be taken into consideration.

Nah. Chickens don't tunnel.

That’s not even tunnelling but the quantisation of space itself :)

You've never seen Chicken Run, have you?

You, sir, are awesome! Great joke!


There's a glaring assumption error in here. It is assumed that the chicken walks on a plane while it is actually a sphere. That means the chicken can actually go to the other side of the road without ever crossing it (by going around the world).

What if the road is an infinite road? Let me rephrase: What if the road goes in a complete circle around either the chicken or its destination? As an example, assume the chicken to be in the Southern Hemisphere, the destination in the Northern Hemisphere, and the road to traverse the entire Equator. There is no way for the chicken not to cross the road

that is one nerdy chicken.

Why chicken?

Hah! That chiken is pretty funny! :D

Chicken can begin moving to -∞, and continue from ∞ to the target point. (Projective, you know)
Chicken can dig a _normal_ tunnel below the road. (Normal, you know)
Chicken can watch "Chicken Run", build a chicken-formed, chicken-propelled, chicken-run airplane, fly over the road and kiss the chicken hero. (SM-Kiss, you know)

quite a comic I have to say. It made me LOL

let me try out these html tags...

I don't understand... how do you use the html tags?

<b>this is bold!</b>
pretty simple.

Who is to say the chicken doesn't have the ability to create wormholes in space?

wouldn't that be a chickenhole?

If she did, it would follow that no chicken would ever starve to death, as she could create an wormhole when she wants, and (as known by common sense) wormholes are a sign of worms on the land. It's a great experiment to carry on.

Did the chicken fly, or did she go underground?

All chickens are on earth (I guess). All earthly roads are finite. So, the chicken can walk around the end of the road to get to the other side, if she chooses.

Guys, does anybody know what the heck ∞̅ means? Nope not infinity with a bar over it, but an infinity with a bar "north-east" to it. I think it means Indeterminate. But I'm not sure, it's the output of 1/0, log(0) etc...

complex infinity

No more updates? Where art thou, Mike?

Integral - check the manual for the software you're using. it might be a directed infinity - lim x->0+ log(x) = -inf for example.

Also, where is mike =(

16 days between comics? WTF? And no, that don't mean Wednesday, Thursday, Friday....

The question asked was "Why did the chicken cross the road?" (emphasis added) not "Why did the chicken have to cross the road?" Given this, the answer posits that the conditions for the intermediate value therom are met.

So...no updates mike? :(

Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?
To get to the same side.

I'm fairly certain that any surface in which a Mobius strip can be embedded will allow access to the "other" side by moving parallel to the strip. Thus the chicken didn't need to cross, so the proper answer to "why" did it cross is "For the halibut."

the comments are as funny as the strips themselves XD

Lately, they are funnier. And are updated more frequently.

Chicken big enough can step over the road. I am not sure if that can be count as cross.

In cylindrical world chicken can go away from one site of road a come to other site of road without crossing road.

So I thing that without another informations we are not able to tell if chicken cross or not cross road. (Even if chicken walks in continuous steps.)

Simple solution could be:"No. Becouse chicken is still in point A."

The question isn't Lorentz invariant... in the chicken's reference frame, the question would be, "Why did the road move to the other side of the chicken?"

WolframAlpha - To get to the other side (ha, ha).

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