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Classroom Anatomy - May 17, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - Classroom Anatomy

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I'm guessing from the facial orientation that the top of the image is the back of the room?

he's alive!

And still possess the power of a Mathecomictian!

there appears to be a mistake ... only 2 are sleeping

And 0 are fapping

Umm... I think there are three people sleeping. Unless one is practicing TeX with z^{z^z}

You seem to have forgotten the people playing indie games on their laptops/smartphones

mmm yes, or WOW even.

which of the doodlers is Vi Hart?

The one that is more female than the others.

Ayn Rand SUCKS.

Isn't there always someone who is late and brings a coffee? And someone reading a book not related to the topic teached? And there's always someone who already knows everything and asks advanced questions (no one unterstands).

Agreed... I never liked those that ask too advanced questions for the class. If I have something to ask that imo is far out of scope of the lecture, I rather wait for the end of the lecture and ask professor during break. 2 goals achieved there: I don't present myself as a smartass in front of everyone, and professors tend to give more elaborate answers since it's not disturbing dynamics of a lecture.

Its the academic version of the humblebrag.

Is it bad or good that I immediately recognized that formula as being a heart?

It's bad that you didn't immediately recognize those hearts as formulas ;)

I'm the "Monkey kid" from that picture ;))

Next comic: Anatomy of a computer lab http://victoryroad.net/showthread.php?t=10190

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