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Math Jeopardy - April 26, 2012
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Come at me Ken Jennings, the ball is in my court now!

Spiked Math Comic - Math Jeopardy

Hint: The categories are Top, Grp, Set, Vect_R, Rng.

Relevant Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category_theory

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Where is the category of categories? =p

I always get frustrated while watching jeopardy because they never have any good math categories.

And same thing to me )

Okay, Fess up, people!
Who tried clicking on the boxes to see if there were clues underneath! (or links or ...)

The better question is who didn't.

I didn't try--I hovered over it to see if there was code embedded. And was sad when there wasn't.

figured that if there was any action encoded, there would be some comment within the body of the the post.

As more of a computer scientist, the categories I deal with more are Pfn and Rel.

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