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Should I cite this paper? - April 20, 2012
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First a "comic":

Spiked Math Comic - Should I cite this paper?

And now a puzzle - Can anyone beat hardcore? And HOW!!!

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I actually beat hardcore on my second try, the computer is pretty dumb, so it wasn't hard to trick it into letting me use the walls to get across the board.

Just won on hardcore, no walls, just a nice pattern to move up levels.
Very cool game.
Thanks for sharing. I'll email my solution if requested.

Just won on hardcore... and just spent almost two hours playing this on every level! By the way, thanks for the game!

didn't take very long
made a slow run towards the top, then when the computer dashed to the bottom of the pattern there were enough spaces open to jump all the way back to the top and win ;)

Just beat it on hardcore. I sort of focused on fully filling up lines so that the computer had a tough time getting back to his side of the board.

The computer is not dumb... it's just... gloomy :{ It always try to commit suicide I don't know why.

Finally beat it on hardcore.
Points: 1973 (Well I love the song...)
Maxcombo: 7
Moves: 42

Huh, that's frustrating. I did it in 40 with an algorithm and got 1398, figured out a trick on the first step, knocked it down to 38 and still got a score of 1398. Ah well, c'est la vie.

I found an algorithmic way to bit it on hardcore with 52 moves

I used: u,l,ul,u,ur,u,ul,u Rinse and repeat. Gets it done in 43 moves with a score of 1398. Seemed a bit of a shame that the computer couldn't adapt. I guess the challenge is to have as close a game as possible which leads to higher scores.

I got annoyed by the fact that the AI really loves to run into the wall. Especcialy because I liked to block the computer from ever reaching his exit. So I decided to make my own version of this game. you can find it here: http://home.deds.nl/~bcmpinc/games/graphwalker.html

It also allows you to play the game with 0 or 2 human players. Though the AI's are not that good yet. It probably only works with firefox 11 or later, cause I haven't tested it elsewhere.

Beat it on hardcore after a few tries. Not really a mathematician so I'm not sure if my approach was algorithmic, you just need to be really careful and keep cutting the computer off.

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