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Epsilon-delta comics - April 18, 2012
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Credit to Ken S. for submitting this comic idea:

Spiked Math Comic - Epsilon delta comic

Spiked Math Comic - Epsilon delta comic

Spiked Math Comic - Epsilon delta comic

Relevant Link: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Epsilon-DeltaProof.html

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Let me just link again to a Tom Lehrer song:

You beat me to it. :)

What if your delta is fat?

then it's a capital delta and it all falls apart

It doesn't say there exists one and only one delta, just that there exists at least one.

∀ ε>0…… ∃ infinite number of δs (Oh wow!)

I read the wishing to be epsilon comic and immedietly imagined my friend trying it to get a girl and some really suave (and really gay) guy showing up wearing a delta t-shirt and giving a knowing wink. Afterall it never specifies gender of delta...

Congrats on your 500th comic. Only 12 more until a nice round number!

Or perhaps that should be "Congrats on your 111110100th comic"

You should save binary for 512!

I went to a uniformly continuous party once... ∃δ ∀ε. It was kind of awkward.

Funnier than the comic; but I think this only works for constant functions... not uniformly continuous.

Still, great comment!

Can you make this last one into a t-shirt, please? I would buy it in a heartbeat (I was thinking about just making it myself on one of those submit an image to print on a shirt sites but I figured it's your material...).

Oh my dear, this is cute!

And it doesn't matter if you're arbitrarily small...if you know what I mean.

Comment from a friend of mine:
"I guess they live in an open relationship, though."

The last two are a bit weird when you think of Erdős's use of 'epsilon' to mean a small child.

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