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Is math beautiful? - April 12, 2012
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Using Fuzzy Logic, math is 99.9% beautiful?

I definitely think that the Borwein integral deserves to be inside the yellow circle.


It's impressive that Mathematica returns the correct answer in less than 30 seconds.

Integrate[Product[Sinc[x/k], {k, 1 , 15, 2}], {x, 0, \[Infinity]}]

...Of the Borwein integral at the point where it breaks the pattern, I mean.

What do you have againt arithmetic? And do you mean Peano arithmetic, or second-order arithmetic, or...?

I believe he means arithemtic calculations

But those are beatiful, too..

I would put numerical analysis outside the circle of beauty, and I assume statistics is not there as it falls out of the maths circle.

There's a part of statistics inside mathematics, but I'v never learned it. Also I would put numerical analysis outside the circle, but solving PDE's too.

Math is beautiful. It's just that not all of us was lucky to be presented with all parts of it in most beautiful manner...

I've started reading about the Borwein integral on Jstor, and while the numbers are rather horrible and large, it is really cool stuff and quite beautiful I think. Though I haven't dived into any proofs yet...

I think the Borwein integral should be inside the yellow circle, and Bessel functions should be out.

the diagramm is wrong. Mathematics are beautiful almost everywhere, that is, everywhere except on a set of measure zero. On the diagram the set {math}\{stuff that is beautfull} has positive area, that's wrong

Area can't be negative

I wonder if Rule 110 should be there, too

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