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Hexadecimal Grading - March 29, 2012
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But A is 10/15, right? Based on math classes that I have attended, you pass if you get marks above 50%, and not the fancy-schmansy 70% passing rate for other subjects. So #47 should have passed maths too, mathematical naivete notwithstanding.

Eh, he gets a 66% which is just barely passing (in my school 60 was passing).

Still just passing with a D is bad, but there is hope. He just needs a good tutor.

Isn't it 10/16? Either way, he still gets over 60% though.

You have your indexing set wrong. 0 does not count as a point, it's a 0/15.

F is for FABULOUS! A is for Awwwww....ful.

F means 15 while A means 10, research on Hexadecimal!

In engineering school the saying was "D is for Diploma"

Ah yes. Reminds me of Traveller, which used Hexadecimal--except when it was extended to G, H, . . .

As the Engineers as my Uni always say, P's get Degree's

Well, if he thinks that A>F in hexadecimal, then he has failed to grasp one of the fundamental points of the course/ its prerequisites...

He already got his glory in the comic concerning how he likes girls like his math.

Well, German schools actually use a grading system from 0 to 15. 15 being an A+ and 10 a B- so he didn't manage to badly even without grasping the hexadecimal system. (Sadly the passing grade is 40%.)

And it is actually impossible to get a 14/15 ( or any other fraction ) because E is not a letter grade.

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