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Drawing Stars - March 19, 2012
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First visit this xkcd comic:
as the motivation for today's Spiked Math comic comes directly from xkcd. :-D

Spiked Math Comic - how a mathematician draws a star

Although being a graph theorist myself, my first instinct would be to do the following:

Spiked Math Comic - how a mathematician draws a star

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love your star mike, just beautiful

I miss graph theory... :"-(

Looks like the easyest way to draw a star :DDD

What happened to St. Math Tricks Day? :-(

Those stars are lots easier to draw. Besides, one of the first things they taught in Geometry was that you can't trust the diagram to prove anything. So, the fact that mathematicians aren't artists means they need easier stars to draw.

I get the XKCD cartoon, but the SpikedMath cartoon, not so much...Help a brother out here...

Always check wiki.

Anyways, I am more of a graceful tree person. Everyone knows I'm graceful, but no one can prove it.

Thanks - seems our posts crossed.

I watched the Vi Hart video on stars and none of her stars were claw-like.

Nevermind, I used Google-Fu

I like trees.

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