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The Awkward Function - March 7, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - The Awkward Function

Bonus Ending (it might not be clear but the girl is supposed to be initiating the conversation):

Spiked Math Comic - The Awkward Function

P.S. Sorry I missed yesterday's update. I might miss a few more updates in the coming weeks, so to compensate I donated $100 to the Dept. of Math & Stats (at McMaster U.) for scholarship use. :-)

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There might an additional input to consider. In my experience, the function begins decreasing rapidly as more beer is consumed, but spikes up drastically (along with a significant amount of beer and lunch) after too much is consumed.

It makes layovers more enjoyable, too.

I could imagine local laws forbidding the consumption of alcoholic beverages at bus stops. But then, what has maths to do with reality anyways? :-)

If you talk immediately, it is also awkward. The awkwardness has a small dip at the front, so there is this difficult-to-find minimum in the region of interest. Finding this minimum is conjectured to be NP-complete.

Also if you're me, it never really goes below "very awkward".

See, you should've just gone out with Boob Girl when you had the chance. She was obviously into you and her annoying riddles weren't that bad in retrospect, were they?


I think the awkwardnenss function behaves more like a Ackermann Function, with 1 argument her Hotness H ( girls value between 1 and 10) and the other one is the time.

The bush at the right looks like a bunny. Does this have any bearing on the awkwardness function?

Also, would the text processing tool awk be of any use in finding the minimum?

Should the awkwardness function include a variable constant for persons with significant Autism Spectrum effects?

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