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The Unit Circle of Life - March 5, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - TITLE

It does fit the tune if you sing it the right way! Anyone want to finish the song off with some other mathy lyrics?

For the puzzle on Friday, the solution is $9.08. As pointed out by one of the readers, starting with n red and n black cards the best you can do is asymptotically \sqrt{pi n}.

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"only spikedmath.com may use mimetex on this server"??

Hmm... I thought it would work without any problems but will just write it in for now.

I'm starting to miss the times Spiked Math gave us comic strips.


Me too.

But... but... those are hard to make!!

the first part also fits the song at the beginning of that movie(the tribally one)
which is what i thought it was supposed to be =p

I agree that the comics are still the best, but the puzzles/assorted stuff are a welcome addition that > nothing at all.

I see your Trig song, and raise you by three:

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