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How much math do we know? - February 22, 2012
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Spiked Math Comic - How much math do we know?

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The blue square is of size dx dy.

I always thought that mathematics didn't exist until we discovered it. Isn't that why the word "know" is in quotation marks?

@Greg: The words you use are contradictory. Things that are discovered already exist until you happen to find them.

Do we really discover maths or invent it. Maths is a language we invent or adept to describe nature.

thanks.. It helps me a lot .. :))

Black dots: Mathematics most of us think we "know", but we actually just take for granted. There are quite a few unproven hypothesies in those dots =)

i thought they were really small black holes.

I believe the dots are there to indicate that the mathematics waiting to be discovered goes on to infinity.

Good Observation. I'm sure that's what they mean.

Mathematics has already existed, then we invent many symbols to explain it~

may you could have made it self-referential with just the blue in the legend? :)

The first time I read this comic, I didn't notice the blue in the lower left corner :)

This picture kind of implies that the undiscovered part is continuum sized. Its wayy worse

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