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Dirty Mathematics - February 20, 2012
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In 5 you wrote "contains contains".

Thanks! Should be fixed now.

- The "Genus" in Topology which is the "number of holes".
- The "Sacks Forcing" in Topology.

Better than Sacks forcing is "C_min forcing."

(Say it aloud, noting that the underscore is not pronounced "sub," but is silent.)

I really don't understand the topic, and there might be some reason for this, but why would you write in number 2
" { v such that v belongs to Delta(1) } "
when instead you could just write "Delta(1)" ?

Ah, I omitted part of the definition which has a requirement on v (i.e., Cox(X) is multigraded by deg(vi) = [vi], where [vi] denotes the class of Y (vi) in Cl(X)).

Also questionable, but justifiably not on this list are the "perverse sheaves". Kinky more than dirty.

The uniform boundedness principle almost sounds kinky, if you think about it in the right (wrong?) way

I've always liked sexy primes =)

I always liked the Fock Space.

I had to take a course on Formal Languages many years ago. We always started giggling whenever the lecturer mentioned the Pumping Lemma.

Let's see if I can manage to post a link this time.

David Cox is my new hero!

When I saw this comic I thought of what a commutative algebra teacher called the "colon product," notated (a:b). Other names include the "colon ideal" and "ideal quotient."


7 is not provable on any level; 0 is always nilpotent and idempotent. Also, what are the associated primes in the Guassian Integers to the submodule generated by i*9?

whoops! read units as elements...

But what if R is the zero ring?

Hmmm, I pronounce it "LA-tech" (closer to "lah" than "lay").

I've heard which you pronounce depends on your background. Mathematicians tend to pronounce it 'lay-tek' and computer scientists tend to pronounce it 'lah-tek'. Lamport has said he has no preference either way.

Well, I'm primarily a computer scientist, so there you go. I am also getting more involved with mathematics, so perhaps I'm somewhere in-between.

Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but my dictionary of mathematics has an entry for 'sexual functions' (functions of six variables.)

Theres also the Wiener Sausage (due to Vardahan and Donsker): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_sausage

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